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Alumni Advisory Board

The Ohio University SAFM Advisory Board is comprised of 30 alumni members who meet once a year and host quarterly conference calls. These individuals are responsible for providing industry expertise to enhance the strategic direction of the SAFM Program and the Center for Sports Administration. The Advisory Board is divided into three committees:

  • Development
  • Public Relations
  • Recruitment

Each committee is charged to provide information and recommendations back to the Executive Director, who then works to integrate their initiatives, to benefit the current students, prospective students, and alumni.

Current members of the Alumni Advisory Board include:

Kevin Abrams ('97), Eric Bechtel ('89), Jim Beeman ('98), Shelley Binegar ('99), Bill Brady ('97), Emilio Collins ('96), Andy Dolich ('71), Tracy Ellis-Ward ('92), Mike Fisher ('97), Joseph Foley ('04), Brian Gainor ('07), Jason Golden ('01), David Johnston ('98), Allison Kelly ('97), Todd Koesters ('98), Michael Morrow ('02), Matt Long ('03), Melissa Lynch ('94), Michael McAllister ('06), Len Perna ('90), Alice Petzold ('91), Mike Redlick ('96), Jill Timon ('01), Lou Valentic ('79), Paul Woody ('05), Christina Wright ('10), George Smalley ('10), Alicia Lawrence ('11), B.C. Johnson ('12), Tim McMurray ('13)