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No matter your major you can apply.

Students, called candidates once inducted in the program, work to earn a Sales Certificate recognized on their official transcript. We want students of all majors and backgrounds: from anthropology to zoology and everything in between. We have a competitive and selective admissions policy which takes your GPA, resume, and personal interview into account. 



Students from other colleges walk across the graduation stage asking "Now what?" For us, that question was answered long ago with our admision into the Schey Sales Centre. We've interned all over the country, taken personal assessments, role-played on video, attended development workshops, taken on leadership roles, and fostered personal relationships with today's leading companies.  We aren't worried about the future, we've been preparing for it; we walk across the stage and say "Let's go."

Partner Career Fairs

The Centre hosts two career fairs during the school year, one in fall and one in spring. Our students get to interact personally with industry leading companies. 99% of our seniors in the past three years have graduated with a full time job lined up before they even had their diploma.

Personal and Professional Development

We take the MBTI, StrengthsFinders, and Chally assessments so we understand and can leverage our inherent strengths. Assessments are just the beginning: from career planning to role playing; dinner etiquette to alumni panels; we come out more prepared for the future than any other college student.

Real World Leadership

We're entering a new era in the Schey and we couldn't be more excited. Our new executive director and bobcat alum Greg DiPasquale joins us after a successful executive career. He led a Berkshire Hathaway owned company, then moved to head a $400 million division of Essilor USA. The experience and leadership of Greg highlights yet another reason why we're one of the best.

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