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Faculty & Staff

Agnihotri, Raj

Robert H. Freeman Professor of Sales Leadership & Chair, Marketing Department

Aissaoui, Rachida

Assistant Professor of Strategy

Anderson, Jeffrey

Senior Lecturer and Director OHIO International Consulting Program

Annabi, Hala

Chair, Department of Management Information Systems & Founding Director, College of Business Honors Program

Armann, Brittany

Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services

Bhutta, Mohammed Khurrum

Professor of Operations Management

Bila, Michael

Assistant Dean for Student Services

Blair, Elizabeth

Associate Professor of Marketing

Blake, Evelyn

Financial Manager

Boss, David

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Brackley, Anne


Buck, Jana

Assistant Director, Centers of Excellence

Childers, Carla

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Conner, Brandt


Coombs, Gary

Chair, Department of Management and Professor of Management

Corrigan, Tracy

Assistant Director, Career Management

Crawford, Christopher

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

Cutright, Ken

Associate Dean; Professor of Operations Management

Davidson, Travis

Assistant Professor

Davis, Craig

Associate Professor of Advertising

Day, John

Professor of Management Information Systems; Associate Dean; Associate Provost for Academic Budget and Planning

DiPasquale, Greg

Executive Director

Dunn, Leslie

TechGROWTH Ohio Finance Coordinator

Esmond-Kiger, Connie

Associate Professor of Accountancy, PhD, CPA (IL)

Finch, David

Visiting Professor

Fodor, Andrew

Associate Professor and Chair, Finance Department

Frost, Raymond

Professor of Management Information Systems

Gabler, Colin

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Gabriel, E. Ann

Director and James E. Daley Professor of Accountancy

Gardner, Jessica

Director, Communications

Garven, Sarah

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Geringer, J. Michael (Mike)

O'Bleness Professor of International Strategy

Giordano, Gabriel

Associate Professor

Gist, Willie

O'Bleness Professor of Accounting

Gokkaya, Sinan

Assistant Professor of Finance

Greenfield, Harry

Robert and Rene Glidden Visiting Professor

Gupta, Ashok

Professor of Marketing

Hansbarger, Teresa

Financial Resources Associate

Hartman, Katherine

Associate Professor of Marketing

Hartman, Timothy (Tim)

Associate Professor Emeritus of Marketing

Hess, Larry

Instructional Technologist II

Higgins, Charles

Associate Professor Emeritus

Hoffman, Tom

Senior Director of Development

Holbrook, Robert

Associate Professor of Management Systems

Hoshower, Leon

Professor of Accountancy

House, Deanna

Assistant Professor

Huang, Wayne

Professor of Management Information Systems

Huq, Faizul

O?Bleness Professor of Operations Management

Iglesias, Louie

Assistant Director, Center for Sports Administration

Javadi Asl, Hossein (Siamak)

Visiting Assistant Professor

Jenkins, Craig

Lecturer in Management Systems

Kahler, James

Executive Director

Keifer, John

Faculty Member, Management Systems Department

Keifer, Kate


Keifer, Mary

Associate Professor of Business Law

Kirch, David

Professor of Accountancy

Lambert, Jamie


Lamy, Annabelle

Associate Director, Centers of Excellence (International Business, Entrepreneurship & Leadership)

Lawrence-Benedict, Heather

Associate Professor

Lin, Ting-Ting

Visiting Assistant Professor

Liu, Xi

Assistant Professor

Lombardi, Kara

Associate Director

Lou, Hao


Luce, Thom


Mardis, Lori

Academic Advisor

Matta, Vic

Associate Professor

Metcalf, Ashley

Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Moberg, Chris

Associate Dean

Moyer, Adam

Associate Lecturer

Murphy, Jennifer

Executive Director

Nice, Jill

Associate Director, Graduate Student Services and Operations

Nobles, John

Associate Director, Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership; Executive in Residence

O'Reilly, Norm

Richard P. and Joan S. Fox Professor of Management & Chair, Department of Sports Administration

Orlova, Svetlana

Visiting Assistant Professor

Payne, David

Executive in Residence

Penrod, Catherine

Director, Center for Professional CommunicationInstructor, Management Department

Pfahl, Michael

Associate Professor, Sport Management, BSM Program Director

Pittaway, Luke

Executive Director, Professor

Prevost, Andrew

Associate Professor

Porter, Ebony

Student Success Advisor

Reynolds, Tammy

Executive in Residence

Reynolds, Tim

Executive Director, Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership; Executive in Residence

Ridpath, B. David

Associate Professor and Kahandas Nandola Professor of Sports Administration

Roach, Bonnie


Roberson, Jessie

Associate Professor of Management Systems

Rodgers, Kelsey

Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Services

Sarikas, Robert (Zeke)

Associate Professor

Schermerhorn, John

O'Bleness Professor of Management

Selotlegeng, Beatrice

Director, Junior Executive Business Program

Sherman, Hugh

Dean, College of Business

Singer, Emily

Assistant Director, Center for International Business

Smith, Scott

Associate Professor and Director, MAA Program

Stalter, Allison

Director of Partnerships

Stephens, Ray

Professor of Accountancy and Director, Ohio Center for Professional Accountancy

Stock, Toby


Stoner, Jason

Associate Professor

Storm Steele, Jessica

Director of Development

Stowe, David

Assistant Professor of Finance

Stowe, John

JP Morgan Professor of Finance

Ströbel, Tim

Visiting Professor

Sutphin, Kay

Executive Coordinator to the Dean

Taylor, Phillip III

Chief Operating Officer

Taylor-Bianco, Amy

Associate Professor

Thacker, Rebecca

Associate Professor of Management

Tucker, Mary

Professor of Management

Uzuegbunam, Ikenna

Visiting Assistant Professor of Strategy

Valentin, Ginny

Administrative Director

Walton, Kelley

Instructor and Director, Professional MSA Program

Wang, Yong

Robert H. Freeman Professor of Strategic Marketing & Associate Professor

Wilson, Aaron

Assistant Professor

Woolf, Jules

Assistant Professor

Wright, Aaron

Director, MAA Program

Wright, Scott

Instructor of Finance; Director, Brazil Executive Education

Yanity Haines, Mary

Adjunct Professor

Yost, Edward

Director Executive Graduate Education and Development Emerti Associate Professor of Management Systems

Young, William

Director of the Online MBA Program, Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Yulish, Adam

Information Technology Manager