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Fox, Alexa

Assistant Professor

Copeland 524


Ph.D., The University of Memphis, Business Administration (Marketing)

M.B.A., The University of Akron, Strategic Marketing

B.S.B.A., The University of Akron, International Business

Study Abroad Program, The University of Akron, Institute for Global Business

Research Interests

Digital marketing, user-generated content, consumer behavior, online privacy, physiological measurement of cognition and emotion, linguistic analysis

Selected Publications

Royne, Marla B., Marian Levy, Christine M. Kowalczyk, and Alexa K. Fox (forthcoming), "Milk, Juice, or Cola? Exploring the Effect of Product Placement on Children's Attitudes and Behavior," Health Marketing Quarterly.

Royne, Marla B., Stephanie S. Ivey, Marian Levy, Alexa K. Fox, and Susan L. Roakes (forthcoming), “Parental Perspectives on Walking to School in the Inner-City: Marketing Communications and Public Policy Implications,” Health Marketing Quarterly.

Royne, Marla B., Susan Myers, George Deitz, and Alexa K. Fox (2016), “The Influence of DTCA and Competitive Interference on Consumer Perceptions of Health Benefits and Risks: Prescription Drugs vs. Dietary Supplements,” Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 37 (1), 59-79.

Fox, Alexa K. and Scott Cowley (2015), “Customer Service on Twitter: The Effect of Company-Consumer Alignment on Service Perceptions,” in Maximizing Commerce and Marketing Strategies through Micro-Blogging, Janée N. Burkhalter and Natalie T. Wood, eds., chapter 6, 130-153, IGI-Global: Hershey, PA.

Royne, Marla B. and Alexa K. Fox (2014), “Violence is in the Ads, Too: Should Television Advertisements be Rated?” in Advertising and Violence: Concepts and Perspectives, Nora Rifon, Marla B. Royne, and Leslie C. Carlson, eds., chapter 10, 151-160, Routledge: United Kingdom.

Royne, Marla B., Alexa K. Fox, George Deitz and Tyler Gibson (2014), “The Effects of Health Consciousness and Familiarity with DTCA on Perceptions of Dietary Supplements,” Journal of Consumer Affairs, 48 (3), 515-534.

Royne, Marla B., Jennifer Martinez, Jared Oakley, and Alexa K. Fox (2012), “The Effectiveness of Benefit Type and Price Endings in Green Advertising,” Journal of Advertising, 41 (4), 85-102. 

Sullivan, Alexa K. (2010), “Piracy in the Horn of Africa and its Effects on the Global Supply Chain,”Journal of Transportation Security, doi:10.1007/s12198-010-0049-9.


2016-2017 Bruning Teaching Fellow, Ohio University Teaching Academy 

2014 AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Northwestern University

2014 American Marketing Association Volunteer of the Month (May)

2013 Doctoral Seminar Fellow, Marketing and Public Policy Workshop

2013 Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Southeast Marketing Symposium

2011—2015 Graduate Assistantship, The University of Memphis


Dr. Alexa Fox is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Ohio University College of Business. She earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing) from The University of Memphis, and her M.B.A. in Strategic Marketing and B.S.B.A. in International Business from The University of Akron.

Her research interests include digital marketing, user-generated content, consumer behavior, online privacy, physiological measurement of cognition and emotion, and linguistic analysis. Her dissertation focused on gaining a better understanding of the linkage between textual characteristics of online consumer reviews and company performance as well as how reviews influence consumers’ information processing.

Alexa's work has appeared in various journals including Journal of Advertising, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, Health Marketing Quarterly (forthcoming), and Journal of Transportation Security, as well as in two books: Maximizing Commerce and Marketing Strategies through Micro-Blogging and Advertising and Violence: Concepts and Perspectives. She has presented her work at over a dozen refereed national conferences.

Alexa currently teaches Consumer Behavior. Previous courses taught include Marketing in a Digital Environment at the graduate level, as well as Consumer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Principles of Marketing at the undergraduate level. She is a Faculty Advisor for the Ohio University Consumer Research Center and for the Ohio University Orthodox Christian Fellowship. Alexa currently serves as the Vice Chair of Marketing & Communications for the American Marketing Association (AMA) Higher Education Special Interest Group (Higher Ed SIG).

Prior to academia, Alexa worked for strategic marketing and online marketing firms, as well as a nonprofit organization, where she conducted marketing research, created online copy, and developed marketing, social media, and branding strategies. 

Find out more about Alexa on her professional website.