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Giordano, Gabriel

Robert H. Freeman Associate Professor

Management Information Systems Department
Copeland 230
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Ph.D., Florida State University

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain)

Instructor and Research Assistant, Florida State University

Automation and Graphics Specialist, Research International

Selected Publications

George, J., Giordano, G., and Tilley, P. (Forthcoming, 2016) “Website Credibility and Deceiver Credibility: Expanding Prominence-Interpretation Theory.” Computers in Human Behavior, 54, 83-93.

 Giordano, G., Stoner, J., DiGangi, P., and Lewis, C. (2015). “Stress in Online Interview Settings: A Multi-Study Investigation.” Rossi, A., Meurs, J., and Perrewé, P. (Eds), STRESS E QUALIDADE DE VIDA NO TRABALHO - Stress Interpessoal e Ocupacional. São Paulo: Editora Atlas.

  • Reprint forthcoming in Stress and quality of Working Life - Interpersonal and occupation-based stress, Information Age Publishing.

George, J., Tilley, P., and Giordano, G. (2014) “Sender Credibility and Deception Detection.” Computers in Human Behavior, 35 (June), 1-11.

Weisheimer, A. and Giordano, G. (2013) “Perceptions of Truthfulness and Communication Anxiety in Online Employment Interviews.” Drake Management Review, 3(1), 48-56.

Giordano, G. and Giordano, A. (2013) “Outsourcing Transformative Change - SAP Integration at the Advanced Technologies Automotive Group.” 360° - The Business Transformation Journal, August, 56-61.

Giordano, G. and George, J. (2013) “The Effects of Task Complexity and Group Member Experience on Computer-Mediated Groups Facing Deception.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 56(3), 210-225.

Kaganer, E., Giordano, G., Brion, S., and Tortoriello, M. (2013) “Media Tablets for Mobile Learning: Friend or Foe?” Communications of the ACM, 56(11), 68-75.

Giordano, G., Lamy, A., and Janasz, Tomasz. (2011) “Who’s the Leader? Financial IT Integration at a Global Insurance Company.” 360° - The Business Transformation Journal, June, 52-59. 

(Reprint in Uhl, A. and Gollenia, L., Eds. (2013) Business Transformation 

Essentials: Case Studies and Articles. Surrey, England: Gower)

Giordano, G., George, J., and Marett, K. (2011) “Reviewers and the Detection of Deceptive Information in Recorded Interviews." Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 41(2), 252-269.

Giordano, G. and Furner, C. (2009) “Individual Determinants of Media Choice for Deception." Journal of Information Technology Management, 20(2), 1-10.

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Giordano, G., Stoner, J., Brouer, R., and George, J. (2007). “The Influences of Deception and Computer-Mediation on Dyadic Negotiations.” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 12(2), 362-383.

Giordano, G. and Tilley, P. (2006). “The Effects of Computer-Mediation, Training, and Warning on False Alarms in an Interview Setting.” Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 18(6), 226-238.


Gabe Giordano teaches Information Systems courses in undergraduate, MBA, and executive programs in the College of Business. He also directs and teaches in the Sogeti(NL)-Ohio professional program, and he is site director of the Barcelona Global Consulting Program. His current research looks at challenges associated with use of new communication media in the workplace, deception in computer-mediated communication, and leadership strategies for transformational IT projects