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Pfahl, Michael

Associate Professor

Sports Administration
Copeland 238
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Ph.D., Relating & Organizing (Secondary Area: Rhetoric & Public Culture), Ohio University

M.A., Relating & Organizing, Ohio University

M.B.A., Management, University of Toledo

B.B.A., Marketing and International Business, Ohio University

Research Interests

My current research interests are primarily conducted from a qualitative perspective and include the convergence of media, technology and sport, environmentalism and sport, and human resource issues in sport organizations. 

I also conducted consulting activities for several different sport and non-sport organizations. These activities include consulting related to environmental efforts for the Cleveland Cavaliers and sponsorship for the Lamphun Warrior Football Club (Thailand) among others. 

Professional Experience

Cleveland Cavaliers (Basketball)

Cleveland Lumberjacks (Ice Hockey)

Players Management, Inc. (Agency and marketing firm)

Selected Publications

Pfahl, M. (In Press). Examining Brand in Sport in a Post-Television World: Have We Entered a Post-Brand Paradigm? International Journal of Sport Management, Recreation and Tourism. 

Pfahl, M. (In Press). The prison blogs: The Mind of Maurice Clarett and image repair on the Internet. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health. 

Trendafilova, S., Pfahl, M., & Casper, J. (2013). CSR and environmental responsibility: The case of NCAA athletic departments. In K. Babiak, J. Paramino-Salcines, & G. Walters (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of sport and corporate social responsibility (pp. 105-118). London: Routledge. 

Pfahl, M. (2013). The environmental awakening in sport. The Solutions Journal, 4(3), 67-76.

Casper, J. & Pfahl, M. (2012). Environmental behavior frameworks of sport and recreation undergraduate students. Sport Management Education Journal, 6, 8-20.

Pfahl, M. (2012). The use of social media and sport as marketing tools: A strategic foundation for action. Journal of the Sport Management Association of Thailand, 1(2), 24-38.

Casper, J., Pfahl, M., & McSherry, M. (2012). Athletics department awareness and action regarding the environment: A study of NCAA athletics department sustainability practices. Journal of Sport Management, 26(1), 11-29.

Pfahl, M., Kreutzer, A., Maleski, M., Ryznar, J., & Lillibridge, J. (2012). If you build it, will they come?: A case study of virtual spaces and brand in the NBA. Sport Management Review, 15(4), 518-537.

Pfahl, M. (2011). Sport and the natural environment: A handbook for sport managers. Kendall Hunt.

Pfahl, M. (2011). Strategic issues associated with the development of internal sustainability teams in sport organizations: A framework for action and sustainable environmental performance. International Journal of Sport Management, Recreation, and Tourism, 6(C), 37-61.

Pfahl, M. (2009). Technology and event planning. In H. Lawrence & M. Wells (Eds.), Event management blueprint: creating and managing successful sports events (pp. 69-86). Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt.

Pfahl, M. & Bates, B. (2008). This is not a race, this is a farce: Formula One and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway tire crisis. Public Relations Review, 34(2), 135-144. 

Pfahl, M. (2008). Views from the intersection of gender, language, media, and sport. Linda Fuller (Ed.). Review of Communication, 8(2), 174-177. 


2012 Outstanding Faculty Member Award, Department of Sports Administration, Ohio University

2012 College of Business Fellowship (Teaching and Research Excellence; Two Year award), College of Business, Ohio University.

2007 Karen & Roger Deardorff Graduate Student Travel Fund Award, School of Communication Studies, Ohio University.

1999 Beta Gamma Sigma Academic Society, University of Toledo. 


Previously, I was on the Management and Marketing faculties of Yonok College (Thailand; and the International College at Bangkok University (Thailand; I worked in various management and sales positions with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cleveland Lumberjacks, and Players Management, Inc., a sport marketing and athletic representation firm of which I was co-founder and president.