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Jeremy Crookston

Emerging Leader

I am Jeremy Crookston – a dual degree student here at Ohio University and the President of Emerging Leaders.  I have been lucky to conduct research as a Senator Ernest F. Hollings intern in 2016 which allowed me to work in North Charleston, SC and present keynotes in Washington D.C. and Seattle, WA. 

My passion for Business came through the Presidency, and development of my own start-up meteorology company Neoweather LLC – where I now consult as an advisorFast forward to today… I have a diverse college education geared towards corporate finance, business analytics, and leadership development. This summer I am focused on an internship with Splunk where I will do Inside Sales in Plano, TX.  

My aim is to leave an impact within this cloud software solutions spaceI confidently say I aspire to be a leader, and someone that seeks out opportunity. In Emerging Leaders I have made deficiencies become proficiencies, and demand excellence from myself. I have been extremely lucky to work along side Program Faculty Tammy Reynolds, someone that is seen as a great inspiration to our whole College of Business at Ohio University.