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Maxime Fabre

Emerging Leader

My name is Maxime Fabre and I’m an international student from Oloron Sainte Marie, a little town in the south west of France. I’m a junior majoring in international business and business analytics. I am the vice president of trip planning & logistics for the Emerging Leaders development program. I’m also an active member of the professional business fraternity Phi Chi Theta, and a global ambassador for Ohio University. 

For the past two summers, I’ve worked in the biggest bank back in France “Crédit Agricole” as a bank teller, while learning about the banking sector with experienced and professional bankers. I’ve just obtained an internship in the headquarters of L’Oréal cosmetic company in Paris for this upcoming summer. During my free time I enjoy working out, playing soccer and learning about stock market. I also love travelling as much as possible in order to acquire a better multicultural awareness. 

I aspired to be a motivational leader, that can run projects efficiently and effectively using the diversity of a team. Understanding strengths and weaknesses of people is crucial to succeed as a leader, and I use my international background to use culture as a tool to make the members of a team perform well together. In such a fast changing world, I believe establishing trust within a team and make members understand the importance of being proactive is the key to success.