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Allyson Lagiovane

Allyson Lagiovane (1)

Allyson Lagiovane is a junior from Fredericksburg, VA and is studying Marketing and Public Relations through the Honors Tutorial College. In addition to Select Leaders, Allyson is the Vice President of the Ohio University Hunt Seat Equestrian Team and is a peer mentor for the Honors Tutorial College. She spent her last semester and summer in Wellington, Florida working for Phelps Media Group, an equestrian public relations and marketing firm with sports network branch called Phelps Sports. She had the opportunity to meet Olympic horseback riders and representatives from well-known equestrian brands as well as travel to horse shows in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois during her time there. Allyson aspires to always lead by example and believes that a leader doesn't need a title to make a difference. 

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