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Receive Internship Credit

You're doing the work. Get credit for it.

As an Ohio University College of Business student, you are required to complete an internship prior to graduation. The details below provide information on the required steps to recieve credit for your internship.

Note, if you are a Sports Administration or Sales Centre student, please refer to your program's specific internship requirements. 

If you plan to complete an internship during or after Summer 2017, please see the guidelines below: 

Please note*** The Summer 2017 Internship Application will CLOSE on June 1st, 2017. At that point, you will no longer be able to register for summer internship credit past that date.  Fall Internship Applications will open on August 1st, 2017.

Personal and Professional Growth

The College of Business places a strong emphasis on students obtaining and completing internships. The internship process is a hands-on, informative, and deeply reflective learning experience. The following are the learning objectives of the internship immersion process:

  • You will critically think about how your internship impacts your future career decisions by being held accountable to complete a detailed internship application via Qualtrics
  • You will have an increased awareness about internships by reviewing expectations, addressing concerns, and being provided a stronger idea of what effective interns should do, say, and be, by attending a mandatory workshop on effective interning
  • You will critically reflect upon your day-to-day experiences at your internship by completing detailed reflections 4 times during your internship, where you will identify areas of personal growth (achievements) and areas where there is opportunity for growth (pain points)
  • You will improve your written and oral communication about your experiences by developing specific, quantitative, bullet points to enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • You will have an enhanced perspective on your experience by creating an updated resume and job description and updating your LinkedIn profile
  • You will gain useful employer feedback that can be leveraged for future professional interactions when employers complete a brief recommendation of your performance on your LinkedIn profile

Once you have received an internship offer from an employer:

1.) Review the Internship Credit Checklist.

2.) Apply for internship credit prior to your internship. Be sure to review the Internship Application Guidelines.

3.) Schedule and attend a Pre-Internship Workshop.

4.) Complete four Internship Reflections using the Internship Reflection Template and Criteria during your internship experience and submit them via Qualtrics.

5.) OCM staff will check-in with you during your internship. You are required to connect with your Career Coach at least twice during your internship

6.) At the end of your internship experience, submit and update your:

  • Resume: You must submit an updated resume once you complete your internship.  You should use their weekly internship reflections to develop their resume, using the resume builders from that reflection template, in particular.  Resume should reflect the OCM criteria and template found on the OCM website.  This will be submitted through Qualtrics.
  • Job Description: You must submit an updated job description based on the experiences you had in your internship. 
  • LinkedIn Profile: You must update your LinkedIn profile.  This needs to be completed so that your employer is able to write you a recommendation for that position.
  • Evaluation: Complete Student Intern Post-Evaluation.

Internship FAQs

Questions or Comments:

Please contact or Gracie Freireich, Assistant Director, Career Management, at or (740) 597-1818 with any questions or comments regarding this process.