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Costs & Fees

Investing in your international education.

If you have the chance to apply knowledge learned into an actual business atmosphere overseas, the learning value is priceless.

Fees on Your Student Bill

Participating students are required to pay the program fee for their GCP location and standard Ohio University Athens Campus tuition and fees for 9 semester hours of credit.

  • 2-week winter break program (Brazil in 2020) is $3000 plus 9 credit hours OHIO tuition and fees (3 credits in Fall Semester, 6 credits in Spring Semester).
  • 2-week summer programs (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain) are $3,000 plus 9 credit hours OHIO tuition and fees (3 credits in Spring Semester and 6 credits in Summer Semester).
  • 3-week summer program (Hungary) is $4,000 plus 9 credit hours OHIO tuition and fees (3 credits in Spring Semester and 6 credits in Summer Semester).

Click here for the current tuition and fee schedule. Note that the tuition charged for the GCP does not constitute “full-time”.  Students who take additional hours will be charged additional tuition according to the fee schedule outlined by the Office of the Bursar.

Both the summer portion of the tuition and the program fee are added to students’ Summer Semester bills and due according to the deadlines listed on the Ohio University academic calendar. The three-unit prep course taught the semester before the abroad portion of GCP will be billed during that semester’s deadline. 

By taking additional classes in Summer (during Session II if your GCP takes place in Session I, or vice versa), you can get the maximum value out of your tuition payment and earn a full load of courses during Summer Semester.

Other Costs

In addition to fees billed by Ohio University, students are responsible for the following costs:

  • Airfare to the program location
  • Most meals
  • Incidentals*
  • Personal travel beyond the program

*Some meals may be provided – e.g., breakfast at hotels, lunches in student cafeterias, opening and closing banquets, etc.  In locations where providing breakfast and/or lunch is not logistically feasible, those locations will arrange supplemental meals and/or activities using the funds budgeted for those meals.

Please refer to the Student Budget Worksheets published here for additional information regarding program costs.


GCP France Student Budget Worksheet 

GCP Germany Student Budget Worksheet 

GCP Athens Greece Student Budget Worksheet 

GCP Hungary Student Budget Worksheet 

GCP Italy Student Budget Worksheet

GCP Spain Student Budget Worksheet

GCP Thessaloniki Greece Budget Worksheet