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Site Directors

On-Site. On-Hand. Enhancing Your Experience.

Site directors are faculty members that are responsible for managing the on-site portion of the Global Consulting Program. Each has been trained by GCP Program Director, Colin Gabler, who maintains extensive experience managing international programs. They travel to the site and work alongside students for the duration of the program and play a major role in preparing students prior to travel. They have considerable knowledge and experience about the GCP and the location they represent. Your GCP Site Director is the best person to ask if you have specific questions about the GCP experience.

2019 faculty directors: 

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Theodor Muir, Colin Gabler

Thessaloniki, Greece – Costas VassiliadisLori Marchese

Dijon, France – Thom LuceNicole Smith

Bayreuth, Germany – David RidpathGreg Sullivan

Pecs, Hungary – Jeff AndersonPaul Mass

Ancona, Italy – Hao LouAndrew Pueschel

Barcelona, Spain – Theo MuirMary Haines

Athens, Greece – Nick PanagapoulosAdam Rapp