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International MBA

An international education for a global workforce.

This program means sacrifice and dedication, but above all, a privilege. I know we are only starting to build a huge tower and we are still on the ground. We are the pillars of this building. We have the responsibility not only to be the best, but much more to support the next floors to be built.

Jorge Komiyama, International MBA Program in partnership with Getulio Vargas Foundation

In addition to the MBA programs offered in Ohio, the MBA programs are also currently offered in Brazil. Participating students complete part of their studies at their home institution and complete one to two month residency in Athens, Ohio. All MBA students, upon completion of the program, are prepared with the international management knowledge to meet the challenges of a globally integrated environment. The program also provides a unique educational opportunity for professionals in a foreign country who recognize and accept the challenges of change.

These custom designed and delivered programs provide students with a multi-cultural learning environment in which to study business and management. Through their interaction with faculty and other Ohio University students, these MBA students can identify business problems and analyze them in a cross-cultural context.