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Why Study International Business?

Rapid globalization is occurring in the contemporary business environment and foreign opportunities are quickly growing. Do you have the business skills and hands-on experience to take advantage of these international career opportunities?

Our programs and academics will help students stand out in a crowded job market by training them on important and current international business topics, including:

  • The complex and changing environmental forces that impact international business, and how companies can effectively adapt to these forces
  • Tools for assessing the attractiveness of potential international markets, as well as the alternatives for entering and expanding within these markets
  • Cross-cultural leadership and management practices that will promote success in international business
  • Practical, hands-on experiential exercises and activities designed to internalize the capabilities and mindset required for success in international business


For more information regarding the International Business Major and, please contact the Center at For the International Business Certificate, please contact Denver Miller at

For general College of Business advising, please click here: Academic Advising.

International Business Degrees and Certificates

International Business Major

International Business Certificate