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Special Problems & Capstone Projects

Ohio University Sports Administration Mini-RFP Special Problems/Industry Consulting Projects

Submit Proposals to:

Heather Lawrence-Benedict –


Please contact Norm O'Reilly at 740.597.1520


Ohio University Sports Administration is soliciting proposals for student Industry Consulting Projects for 2015-16.

Background Information:

With the addition of the Professional MSA program in 2010-11, the Special Problems/Industry Consulting course has grown to include more students, more projects, and a greater variety of projects as compared to years past. This is the first year a mini-RFP process is being used to solicit projects. Students complete the course in the second year of their graduate work. The project work will be completed between May 2015 and April 2016 (or anytime therein depending on client needs).

Project teams will consist of groups of 3-7 graduate students (a combination of on- campus MBA/MSA and Professional MSA students). Students earn academic credit as well as gaining valuable consulting and sport business experience.


  1. Provide a sport business project idea that is substantial enough to require between 100-300 hours of work between May 2015 and April 2016.
  2. Be available to students throughout the duration of the project to support their efforts. Phone conferences, video conferences, and/or face to face meetings should occur (faculty mentors are also assigned to each group for daily guidance and support).

Recent Project Examples:

  1. National Association of Sports Commissions State of the Industry Report
  2. NAADD - University Athletic Development Outsourcing Research
  3. Mountain West Conference, Realignment Research and Reese’s Basketball Championships Operations
  4. WomenSport International Leadership Tookit Development

  5. Dover Motorsports, Inc. New Business Development and Market Research 
  6. National Sports Forum – New Revenue Stream Development 
  7. MAC – Television Rights Research

Submission Requirements:

Please provide a project summary of approximately 500 words (email to Include the project purpose, value to your organization, value to students, and any unique aspects of the project that will help to prepare students in the sport industry.

Final Notes:

The faculty and staff of Ohio University Sports Administration appreciate your time and effort in helping to provide meaningful projects for students. Not every project is an immediate fit for the interests of our current students. However, we will respond to everyone that submits and, if not selected, try to find a fit with other student projects and classes to fill your needs.