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Executive Engagements

Business Bobcats who have developed their leadership skills through the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership are prepared to become the future leaders of your organization.

Our leaders have accepted competitive positions at some of the following companies:

2018 Job Hires

Microsoft (Seattle, WA) - Laura Wilt                           Ernst & Young (Columbus, OH) - Brian Hirschl

Microsoft (Charlotte, NC) - Julia Moore                      Conversant Media (Chicago, IL) - Taylor Woodford

Microsoft (Washington DC) - Adam Moses                 Heron Consulting (Chicago, IL) - Kaity Pierce

PWC (Cincinnati, OH) - Rachel Seaman                      Barclay Investment Bank (New York, NY) - Jeff Darfus

Dell (Dallas, TX) - Nader Afyouni                                P&G (Grand Rapids, MI) - Jackie Andrasick

SalesCore (Cincinnati, OH) - Patrick Kelly                    JP Morgan Chase (Columbus, OH) - Madison Oberle

Infoverity (Columbus, OH) - Taylor Cremeans              KPMG (Cincinnati, OH) - Sam Scott

Deloitte (Cleveland, OH) - Cole Fonte                         Smuckers (Orville, OH) - Mackenzie Debnar

Cardinal Health - Lauren Krause                                 Owens Corning - Lindsay Griffen


2018 Field Experiences

Select Leader Sophomore (Detroit) - General Motors, Detroit Pistons, Whirlpool

Select Leader Junior (Chicago) - LinkedIn, US Bank, Whirlpool, Hackett Group

Select Leader Senior (Florida) - Masonite Corporation

Emerging Leaders - (Atlanta) - Coca Cola Corporation

Ohio Women In Business - TBD