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Signature Events

The Walter Center hosts several signature events each year. This is one of the many ways that our students gain hands-on leadership training.

2018/2019 Walter Center Signature Events


LEADERSHIP ETIQUETTE DINNER | January 16th and 22nd | Walter Rotunda

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On Wednesday, January 16th and Tuesday, January 22nd, Ohio University College of Business will host the 2nd annual Leadership Etiquette Dinner. Sponsored by the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership, students from various leadership programs will learn current etiquette best-practices that can be utilized in many types of networking opportunities.

Dr. Andrew Pueschel, Director of the Emerging Leaders Program and Lecturer in Management at the Ohio University College of Business will host this interactive and information session aimed at maximizing the comfort level of the participants in a formal dining setting. “Etiquette should be something in which we are comfortable with, not something we shy away from,” said Pueschel. “This event allows students to make mistakes, ask questions, and to learn from each other throughout the process. I am thrilled that both undergraduates and graduate students will be able to mix and mingle in this safe environment. It allows for networking and growth to happen – through an experiential process.”

Using “just-in-time learning”, participants will be placed at tables of seven — it is more difficult to interact with odd numbers — where they will be challenged to 1) arrange their own formal place setting, 2) experience the “dos and don’ts of networking reception and formal dinner etiquette, and 3) engage in light yet meaningful conversation throughout the session. From the start to the end of the event, participants will role-play as individuals applying for an internship position, mid-level employees, senior human resource directors, or CEO of a fictional organization.

Dr. Ashley Metcalf, Director of the One-Year MBA program, believes that professional development sessions such as the Leadership Etiquette Dinner will further prepare her students for high-level managerial positions in the workplace. “If you expect to build and grow a professional career, then proper etiquette is expected and should be second nature. Events like this allow students to practice proper etiquette so that real-world professional dinners are not intimidating,” said Metcalf. The Master in Business Administration students will be among a variety of student groups participating in these sessions. The additional groups participating in the Leadership Etiquette Dinner consist of the following:

  •  Select Leaders
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Ohio Women in Business
  • Strategic Leadership Certificate
  • Human Resources Certificate
  • Master of Sports Administration

The Walter Center for Strategic Leadership also sponsors a variety of leadership development events throughout the year. During the spring, the Robert L Foehl Ethics Case Competition challenges students to research and present ethical issues that are currently impacting our society. In the fall, the Strategic Leadership Challenge allows students to create, investigate, and solve problems in small group settings in a short period. The ECO Challenge partners students in the Strategic Leadership Certificate, T. Richard and Eleanora K. Robe Leadership Institute, and the Cutler Scholars for an eight-week intensive competition where students create and pitch investment proposals for sustainable infrastructure on campus.