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Scholarships available to current candidates.

Thank you to our generous donors who help make a bright future possible for our students

$1,000.00                         Mike Cady and Chris Johnson Doer Scholarship Award

$500.00                            The Schey Sales Centre Alumni Society Scholarship

$1,000.00                         Jim Wycoff Fair-Unfair Advantage Sales Centre Outstanding Student Award

$500.00                            The Scott Durcanin Sales Centre Endowed Scholarship Fund

$1,000.00                         The Steve and Sharon Rowley Scholarship

$500.00                            The Tom Starr "Miracles for Life" Scholarship

Four students will recieve the following scholarship:

$4,000.00                         The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre Endowment (4x)

Two students will recieve each of the following scholarships:

$1,000.00                         Carol and Harold Harbeitner, Jr. Scholarship 

$1,000.00                         Wiedemer Sales Centre Endowment 

$1,000.00                         Axline Scholarship in Professional Selling 

Additional Scholarships

The Schey provides approximately $40,000 in scholarships annually.