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Select Leadership Development Program

Accelerating personal growth, professional development, and the capacity for leadership.

Select Leaders is a competitive program for students who want to differentiate themselves. Students that are hungry to embark on a journey of self-discovery, coaching, and experiences. Students who are ready to develop into future leaders of integrity and the highest ethical standards. 



Eras of growth and progress require a very specific style of leadership — one needs to be a solid rock during tumultuous times and a visionary risk-taker to advance progress. Today’s leaders — our students — are encouraged to take an enlightened, broad-based approach to plan for change and opportunity the marketplace.

Major in leadership

Success in business leadership requires a broad base of conceptual knowledge, skills, and competencies. Complete the management and strategic leadership major in combination with another major, and be prepared to advance more quickly to strategic roles.

Are you certified to lead?

The strategic leadership certificate is for students who want to differentiate themselves and articulate how their leadership potential contributes to the goals of the organization.

Close the gap with your graduate education

Partnering with our MBA programs, we help students bridge the gap between classroom and boardroom through our Leadership Development Workshops. It's what takes our graduate students from good managers to great leaders.

Select Leaders

During the academic year, Select Leaders visited elite organizations like Google, Boeing, Nike, and Dell, to learn from executives, and make valuable connections.

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders is a one-year accelerated development program with the goal of encouraging current Ohio University sophomores to achieve their potential as a leader.

Leading in a Global Market.