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College Leadership

Providing direction, removing roadblocks and ensuring progress

Our Commitment 

The focus of our Dean’s Office remains constant: We're committed to helping others succeed so that we all succeed. We provide thoughtful leadership to our faculty and staff and support them in evolving with industry trends to deliver the best, quality education for future business leaders. 

In a time when higher education is in a state of massive disruption, having strong leadership matters. Our executive leadership team ensures the fulfillment of our mission and the continued advancement of our College of Business. 

Our Mission 

“We are Bobcats! Agile professionals who are disciplined risk takers, life-long learners, and curious global citizens. We are Ohio University's College of Business -- the educational choice of tomorrow's leaders.”

Our Values

  • We serve students first, so they serve.
  • We teach principled leadership.
  • We embrace diversity of thought and community.
  • We offer individualized paths to success.
  • We foster relationships that last.
  • We deliver on our promises.

College Executive Leadership 

Joshua Casto
John Day
Andrew Fodor
Gabriel Giordano
Katie Hartman
Jim Kahler
Heather Lawrence-Benedict
Kari Lehman
Paul Mass
Chris Moberg
Jennifer Murphy
Norm O'Reilly
Luke Pittaway
Adam Rapp
Tim Reynolds
Hugh Sherman
David Stott
Phillip Taylor