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Copeland Hall

Where business leaders are made


With a name like Charles Moffet Copeland, you’re destined to have a building named after you somewhere. Copeland was the director of the School of Commerce at Ohio University at the turn of the 20th century, so it was only fitting that the building dedicated to advancing economics and business studies be named in his honor. 

Built in 1956 and dedicated on April 1, 1957, and majorly renovated in the 90s, Copeland Hall has been home to the College of Business since the very beginning. It features both classrooms and administrative offices, meeting and conference rooms, specialty computer labs, four of the COB's Centers of Excellence, and more.

Copeland is within easy walking distance to other university buildings such as Alden Library and Baker Center. Plus, Copeland is right on Court Street in Uptown Athens: Uptown is where you can enjoy some of city’s best local restaurants and shops.

What's Inside Copeland Hall

About Centers of Excellence

Ohio University College of Business' six Centers of Excellence bring together students, faculty, and professionals to learn and engage within disciplines. Copeland Hall is home to four. The fifth and sixth are located nearby: the AECOM Center for Sports Administration is in the Annex and the Center for Entrepreneurship is situated in the CoLab in Alden Library.