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Copeland Hall

Where business leaders are made.

With a name like Charles Moffet Copeland, you’re destined to have a building named after you somewhere. Copeland was the Director of the School of Commerce at Ohio University at the turn of the 20th century, so it was only fitting that the building dedicated to advancing economics and business studies be named in his honor. 

Built in the 1950s and majorly renovated in the 90s, Copeland Hall has been home to the College of Business since the very beginning. It features both classroom and administrative offices, specialty computer labs, and five Centers of Excellence — the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Center, the Center for Entrepreneurship, the Center for International Business, the Center for Sports Administration, and the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership. 

Copeland is within easy walking distance to other university buildings, and Baker Center is just down the road when you need a lunch or coffee break. Plus it is right at the end of Court Street in Uptown Athens where you can enjoy some of city’s best local restaurants and shops. (A good thing to keep in mind when you’re showing your parents around campus!)