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Because you can’t eat your textbooks or laptop.

Stay hydrated and refuel your brain! You’ll need a break from your studies to eat – and when you do, there is a wide variety of options both on and near Ohio University’s campus for you to keep up with your nutritional needs.

Ohio University offers several meal plans for on- and off-campus students, and accepts several other payment methods at on-campus cafes and markets. Whether you want to grab a coffee at one of our many cafes, eat with your friends at a dining hall, take your food to go, get groceries at one of the markets, or experience the unique town of Athens, we’ve got you covered.

On Campus

South Green

  • Nelson Court* (Next to Crawford Residence Hall)
  • Nelson Market (In Nelson Commons)
  • Southside Espresso Bar^ (In Nelson Commons)

East Green

  • Jefferson Marketplace (Next to Jefferson Residence Hall)
  • The Ohio Café^ (In Jefferson Marketplace)
  • Steeped & Stirred^ (In Jefferson Marketplace)
  • The Brick Street Deli* (In Jefferson Marketplace)

West Green

  • The District on West Green* (In Boyd Residence Hall)
  • Boyd Market (Inside Boyd Residence Hall)

Baker University Center

  • The Front Room Coffeehouse^ (4th floor of Baker)
  • West 82* (1st floor of Baker)
  • Latitude 39* (1st floor of Baker)

Alden Library

  • Café Bibliotech^ (2nd floor of Alden)

Academic & Research Center

  • OU-HCOM SAF Café^ (1st floor)

Food Truck

  • The Hungry Cat Food Truck* (Top of Morton Hill)

*=places to get meals; ^=coffee shops
For more information about any of the above options, visit Ohio University Culinary Services

Off Campus

If you’re hungry and want to explore uptown Athens, you can stop in any of our off-campus restaurants for a change in menu. But don’t worry – they are all within walking distance, so you can try some new food without even needing a car!

  • Starbucks (W. Union Street)
  • Chipotle (S. Court Street)
  • Wendy’s (S. Court Street)
  • Jimmy John’s (S. Court Street)
  • Ginger Asian Kitchen (S. Court Street)
  • Brenen’s Coffee Café (S. Court Street) /// Alumni-owned
  • Big Mamma’s Burritos (S. Court Street)
  • Bagel Street Deli** (S. Court Street) /// Was voted the Best Local Sandwich in 2019 and 2020 / Alumni-owned / COB Student Ambassador Bella Miller’s favorite Athens restaurant
  • Court Street Coffee (S. Court Street) /// COB Student Ambassador Brody Gilliand's favorite coffee shop
  • Pita Pit (N. Court Street)
  • Subway (N. Court Street)
  • Wings Over Athens (N. Court Street)
  • Fluff Bakery** (N. Court Street) /// Was voted the Best Place to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in 2019 / Alumni-owned
  • HangOverEasy (N. Court Street)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (W. Union Street)
  • Union Street Diner** (W. Union Street) /// Was voted the Best Late-Night Food in 2020 and the Best Breakfast in 2019 and 2020 / COB Student Ambassador Jenn Vance's favorite Athens restaurant
  • Jackie O’s Public House Restaurant** (W. Union Street) /// Was voted the Best Restaurant/Bar in 2020 / Alumni-owned
  • Fusion Noodle Company (W. Union Street) /// COB Student Ambassador Sierra Smith's favorite Athens restaurant
  • GoodFella’s Pizza (W. Union Street)
  • Casa Nueva** (W. State Street) /// Was voted both the Best Vegetarian Cuisine and the Best Uniquely Athens Restaurant in 2019 and 2020
  • O’Betty’s Red Hot (W. State Street) /// Was voted the Best Late-Night Food in 2019 / Alumni-owned
  • Souvlaki’s Mediterranean (W. State Street)
  • Donkey Coffee** (W. Washington Street) /// Was voted the Best Coffee House in 2019 and 2020 / Alumni-owned / COB Student Ambassador Alexis Lowe’s favorite coffee shop

** = Won a Best of Athens Readers’ Choice Award in The Athens NEWS

You’re going to be spending the next few years of your life here, so you might as well have access to the most delicious food and drinks. With our many options on and near campus, you won’t be disappointed – just ask any of our student ambassadors or anyone else who has had the privilege of experiencing Athens! They all have their list of favorites – what will yours be?