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Because you can’t eat your textbooks.

Stay hydrated and refuel your brain! You’ll need a break from your studies to eat, believe it or not. Ohio University offers several meal plans for on- and off-campus students, and accepts several other payment methods at on-campus cafés and markets.

Hungry yet? There are a myriad of options on Ohio University’s campus for you to keep up with your nutritional needs.

Dining Halls:

West Green: Boyd Dining, West Green; Nelson Court, South Green; Shively Court, East Green


Café Bibliotech, Alden Library; OU-HCOM SAF Café, Academic and Research Center; Southside Espresso Bar, Nelson Commons; The Front Room Coffeehouse; Baker University Center


Boyd Market, Boyd Hall; Jefferson Market, Jefferson Hall; Nelson Market, Nelson Commons


Boyd Grab-N-Go, Boyd Hall; Shively Grab-N-Go, Shively Hall

Baker University Center

In addition to The Front Room, Baker Center also boasts the West 82 FoodCourt featuring a wide variety of culinary styles, and Latitude 39, Ohio University’s flagship casual dining experience.

For more information on any of these options, visit Ohio University’s Culinary Services at