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Faculty & Staff

Adams, Kris

Associate Director, Graduate Sports Programs Recruiting

Aissaoui, Rachida

Assistant Professor

Allen, Jefferson

Executive in Residence; Director, Social Selling

Anderson, Jeffrey

Senior Lecturer; Director, OHIO International Consulting Program; Assistant Director, Sogeti

Andzulis, James "Mick"

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Assistant Director of Professional Development for the Schey Sales Centre

Ardjmand, Ehsan

Assistant Professor

Beeler, Lisa

Assistant Professor, Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Internships for the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre

Benedict, Paul


Monsted, Emily

Operations Manager

Blake, Evelyn

Financial Manager

Bergsma, Kelley

Assistant Professor

Berk Onuk, Cagri

Visiting Assistant Professor

Bhutta, Mohammed Khurrum

Professor of Operations Management

Burden, Shea


Cacciato, Matthew

Lecturer, Executive in Residence and Director, Masters of Sports Administration Program

Cano-Kollmann, Marcelo

Assistant Professor

Bila, Michael

Assistant Dean

Boss, David

Assistant Professor, Nandola Professor of Business

Chadwell, Theresa

Records Management Associate

Brackley, Anne

Lecturer & Associate Director of Sports Career Placement

Conner, Brandt


Casto, Joshua


Creamer, Jessica

Associate Budget Manager

Chen, Haosi

Assistant Professor

Childers, Carla

Associate Professor of Marketing

Chimeli, Janna


Cline, Chloe

Assistant Events Director

DePerro, Michael

Senior Events Director

Dunn, Leslie

Financial Reporting Manager

Coombs, Gary

Director, College of Business Honors Program; Professor

Cutright, Ken

Professor of Operations Management

Dahlen, R. Daniel

Director, Consumer Research Center & Marketing Instructor

Das, Moumita

Assistant Professor

Fodor, Andrew

Associate Professor and Chair, Finance Department

Davidson, Travis

Associate Professor

Day, John

Professor of Management Information Systems; Associate Dean; Associate Provost for Academic Budget and Planning

Ede, Grace

Senior Assistant Director

Gabriel, E. Ann

Associate Professor of Accountancy

Geringer, J. Michael (Mike)

O'Bleness Professor of International Strategy

Eldersveld, Jeff


Elliott, Brandon

Assistant Director, Operations for Graduate and External Programs

Esmond-Kiger, Connie

Associate Professor of Accountancy

Foehl, Robert

Executive-in-Residence for Business Law and Ethics

Freeland, Susanne


Frost, Raymond

Professor of Management Information Systems

Habermann, Marco

Assistant Professor

Haines, Mary


Fruhling, Michael


Gabler, Colin

Associate Professor

Hedrick, Zachary


Giordano, Gabriel

Chair & Robert H. Freeman Associate Professor

Gist, Willie

Professor of Accountancy

Gokkaya, Sinan

JPMorgan Chase Professor of Finance, Associate Professor of Finance

Gordon, Ellen


Gupta, Ashok

Professor of Marketing

Howard, Julianne

Administrative Associate

Hugo, Linsey

Director of Employer Relations & Strategic Outreach

Jordan, Kim


Harnish, Elana

Associate Director, Graduate Programs Recruiting

Hartman, Katie

Chair & Fox Associate Professor of Marketing

Hess, Larry

Instructional Designer

Higgins, Charles

Associate Professor Emeritus

Keifer, John

Faculty Member

Hiler, Jacob

Assistant Professor, Director of the Consumer Research Center

Kenyo, Lauren


Holbrook, Robert

Associate Professor of Management Systems

Hollback, Sam

Assistant Director, Graduate Career Management

Kirch, David

Professor of Accountancy

Howell, Stephanie

Assistant Director, CIBED

Huq, Faizul

Professor of Operations Management

Lambert, Jamie


Lehman, Kari

Assistant Dean, Graduate and Professional Programs Administration

Lin, Ting-Ting

Visiting Assistant Professor

Kahler, Jim

Executive Director

Kanat, Irfan

Assistant Professor

Luce, Thom


Keenan, Emily

Assistant Professor

Keifer, Kate

Senior Lecturer

Marchese, Lori


Keifer, Mary

Associate Professor of Business Law

Mardis, Lori

Academic Adviser

Meek, Shawnee


Lawrence-Benedict, Heather

Associate Professor; Associate Dean of Graduate Programs; Robert H. Freeman Professor in Business

Muir, Theodor


Lou, Hao


Lucas, Sheree

Administrative Services Specialist

O'Reilly, Norm

Richard P. and Joan S. Fox Professor of Management & Chair

Marchese, Tom

Program Director, Professional MBA; Executive-in-Residence; Associate Director, College of Business Honors Program

Mass, Paul

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Matta, Vic

Associate Professor

Matthews, Kevin

Assistant Professor

Metcalf, Ashley

Assistant Professor of Operations Management; Director, One-Year MBA Program

Moberg, Chris

Senior Associate Dean

Moyer, Adam

Associate Lecturer

Murphy, Jennifer

Assistant Dean

Nice, Jill

Financial and Operations Officer

Nobles, John

Associate Director and Executive-in-Residence

O'Connor, Ryan

Director of Development

Panagopoulos, Nikolaos

O'Bleness Associate Professor, Director of Executive Education & International Sales, Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre

Pittaway, Luke

Chair; O'Bleness Professor of Entrepreneurship

Pueschel, Andrew

Lecturer, Director- Emerging Leaders

Rapp, Adam

Executive Director of The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre; The Ralph and Luci Schey Professor of Sales

Rapp, Tammy

Assistant Professor, Robert H. Freeman Professor of Management

Reynolds, Tammy


Reynolds, Tim

Executive Director & Executive-in-Residence

Ridpath, B. David

Associate Professor

Riedel, Ralph


Rist, Sarah


Roach, Bonnie


Roberson, Jessie

Associate Professor

Stott, David

Director and O’Bleness Professor of Accountancy

Rosado Feger, Ana

Associate Professor

Rowe, Mark


Schacht, Katie


Tayal, Jitendra

Assistant Professor

Scott, Gregory

Director of Partnerships, Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre

Keenan, Emily

Assistant Professor

Seckinger, Holly

Associate Director of Alumni Engagement

Selotlegeng, Beatrice

Academic Advisor; Director, Junior Executive Business Program

Sherman, Hugh

Dean, College of Business

Wakeman, Lee

Visiting Professor

Smith, Scott

Associate Professor & Director, MAA Program

Snavely, Mike

Director of Curriculum Content & Academic Technologies

Whited, Todd

IT Support Specialist

Stevens, Jennifer

Assistant Professor

Stinchcomb, Robert


Stock, Toby


Stoner, Jason

Associate Professor

Ann Stott

Assistant Professor

Wright, Scott

Senior Lecturer of Finance; Director, Latin America Executive Education

Stowe, David

Assistant Professor

Stowe, John

JP Morgan Professor of Finance

Yost, Edward

Director Executive Graduate Education and Development Emerti Associate Professor of Management Systems

Sullivan, Greg

Program Director, PMSA; Associate Professor

Young, William

Director of the Online MBA Program, Associate Professor of Business Analytics

Sutphin, Kay

Executive Coordinator to the Dean

Taylor, Phillip III

Chief Operating Officer

Taylor-Bianco, Amy

Associate Professor

Thomson, Matt

Program Manager for CoLab

Tinkham, Janice

Records Management Specialist

Toth, Amy

Assistant Director, Program Operations and Planning

Tucker, Mary


Uzuegbunam, Ikenna

Assistant Professor

Wanless, Liz

Assistant Director of Analytics, Assistant Professor

Washko, Chris

Assistant Director, Career Management

Jen Washko

Student Success Advisor

Webb, Rebecca


Wilson, Aaron

Assistant Professor

Kathy Wilson

Director, Professional & Executive Programs Partner Development

Wittmann, Natalie

Assistant Director, Recruiting

Wright, Aaron


Wright, Christina

Lecturer, Multicultural Faculty-in-Residence, Interim Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Sports Administration

Yanity Haines, Mary

Adjunct Professor

Yost, Christine

Senior Lecturer

Yulish, Adam

Information Technology Manager