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Faculty & Staff

Bila, Michael

Senior Academic Advisor

Bolin, Derrick

IT Support Senior Specialist

Bulow, Megan

Communications Specialist, College of Business

Cacciato, Matthew

Executive Director, AECOM Center for Sports Administration; Director, Masters of Sports Administration Program

Chadwell, Theresa

Records Management Associate

DePerro, Michael

Senior Events Director

Edwards, Luke

Assistant Director, Career Management

Entsminger, Betsy

Records Management Associate

Harnish, Elana

Associate Director, Professional Graduate Programs Enrollment

Lehman, Kari

Assistant Dean, Graduate & Professional Programs Administration

Mardis, Lori

Senior Academic Advisor

Nice, Jill

Financial and Operations Officer

Snavely, Mike

Senior Director, Instructional Operations, Technology, and Learner Success

Thomson, Katie

Assistant Director, Career Management

Tinkham, Janice

Records Management Senior Specialist

Valeant, Annie

Associate Professor of Instruction

Jen Washko

Director, Academic Advising & Student Success

Wilson, Kathy

Director, Professional & Executive Programs Partner Development

Wittmann, Natalie

Associate Director, Residential Graduate Programs Enrollment