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Bhutta, Mohammed Khurrum

Professor of Operations Management

Full-Time MBA; Management
Copeland 552
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Ph.D. University of Texas at Arlington 

Aug. 2001  Major Area: Production and Operations Management

Minor Area: Management of Information Systems

PhD Dissertation: “Global Supply Chains: An Integrated Location, Production, Distribution and Investment Model for a Multinational Corporation Operating under varying Exchange Rates and Tariff Structures”

MBA  Lahore University of Management Sciences 

Jun. 1996  Major Areas: Production and Operations Management & Marketing

MBA Thesis: “Feasibility of opening a new HKB store in Defence, and conducted market research to determine consumer perceptions”

B.Sc. Engineering University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan

Jun. 1993  Major Area: Mechanical Engineering

BSc. Engineering Project: Aspects of Pollution Control in the Cement Industry: An in-depth analysis of the Pollution problems caused by Cement production processes in context of Pakistani Cement industry. 

Selected Publications


1. Rosado-Feger Ana, Bhutta M. Khurrum S., Social Media as a Vehicle to Enhance Student Engagement, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education (Under Review)

2. Gokhan Egilmez, Murat Kucukvar, Omer Tatari, M. Khurrum S Bhutta, Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment of the U.S. Food Manufacturing Sectors: A Life Cycle Based Frontier Approach, Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Volume 82, pp. 8-20, 2014.

3. Bhutta M. Khurrum S., Ana Rosado-Feger, Faizul Huq, Asif Muzaffar, Exploratory Study of Adoption of Lean Management Practices in Pakistani Textile Firms, International Journal of Service and Operations Management. Volume 15, No. 3, 2013.

4. Omar Adnan. Muhammed Miah, M Khurrum S. Bhutta, Causes of Recession and Their Effects – A Historical Perspective, Journal of Computing Technologies, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2013. ISSN 2278-3814.

5. Bhutta M. Khurrum S., Adnan Omar, Xiaozhe Yang, Electronic Waste: A Growing Concern in Today's Environment, Economics Research International. vol. 2011, Article ID 474230, 8 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/474230.

6. Huq Faizul, Thomas F. Stafford, M Khurrum S Bhutta, Saurajit Kanungo, An Examination of the Differential Effects of Transportation in Supply Chain Optimization Modeling, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Volume 21, Number 2, 2010, pp. 269 - 286.

7. Tejinder Sharma, Suresh Kumar Turka, M Khurrum S. Bhutta, Vivek S. Natarajan, Location Strategies Of Dairy Plants In India, International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, Volume 3, Number3, 2010, pp. 239 - 259.

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14. Ghani Jawaid, Arif Rana, M Khurrum S. Bhutta, The Economics of Outsourcing in a De-integrating Industry, Journal of International Business Research, Volume 7, Number 1, pp 47-60, 2008. 

15. Bhutta M. Khurrum S, Arif Rana, Usman Asad, Owner Characteristics and the Health SMEs, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Volume 15, Issue1,pp 130-149, 2008.



Excellence in professional Activity and Service Award 2011