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Coombs, Gary

Director, College of Business Honors Program; Professor

College of Business Honors Program; Management Department
Copeland 524


PhD, University of Colorado - Boulder, 1994. Business (Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory; minor in Social Psychology).

MBA, University of Denver, 1981. Management.

BS, Stanford University, 1979. Engineering (Product Design).

Research Interests

Innovative pedagogy in management education, creativity in business.

Professional Experience

Faculty Member, Ohio University College of Business, 1991-present. Former Director, MBA Program. Former Director, Copeland Scholars Program. University Professor Award, 2014. 

Various administrative positions including academic programs officer, network administrator, assistant records officer, and part-time instructor. Economics Institute 1982-1987.

Researcher for commercialization of large-scale solar thermal technologies. Solar Energy Research Institute, 1980.

Select Publications

Gullekson, N., Tucker, M., Coombs, G., & Wright, S. (2011) “Examining intercultural growth for business students in short-term study abroad programs: Too good to be true?” Journal of Teaching in International Business, 22 (2): 91-106.

Coombs, G. (2010) “Using SecondLife for Teaching Management of Creativity and Innovation” Research in Management Education Development, Vol. 9: Cutting-Edge Social Media Approaches to Business Education: Teaching with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, and Blogs. Charles Wankel and Robert DeFillippi, Editors, pp. 141-157, Information Age Publishing.

Sherman, H., Core, D., & Coombs, G. (2006) “Using a Non-Profit Business Partner to Develop Business Management Skills for MBA Education” Research in Management Education and Development, Vol. 5: New Visions of Graduate Management Education. Charles Wankel and Robert DeFillippi, Editors, Information Age Publishing.

Coombs, G. & E. Yost (2004) "International Consulting Projects: Collaborating Across Borders" Research in Management Education and Development, Vol. 3: The Cutting Edge of International Management Education. Charles Wankel and Robert DeFillippi, Editors, 2004: 285-305, Information Age Publishing.

Coombs, G. & Elden, M. (2004) “Problem-based learning as social inquiry – PBL and management education.” Journal of Management Education, 28 (5): 523-535.

Coombs, G. (2004) “Comments on ‘Prompting the Transformation of Public Organizations’: The Danger of Assumptions and Anecdotes.” Public Performance and Management Review, 27 (4): 41-43.

Li, D., H. Lou, J. Day, & G. Coombs (2004) “The effect of affiliation motivation on the intention to use groupware in an MBA program” Journal of Computer Information Systems., 64 (3):1-8.

Yost, E. & G. Coombs (2003) “Lessons Learned From a PBL Experience: US EMBAs in Macedonia” Journal of the Academy of Business Education, Vol. 4. Academy of Business Education.

Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Thinking. In M. Tucker, A. McCarthy & D. Benton The Human Challenge: Managing Yourself and Others in Organizations, 7th Edition: 83-98. (2002) Prentice Education, Inc.


Gary Coombs is a Professor of Management and Chair of the Management Department of the College of Business. He teaches coursework in management of innovation and creativity, organizational behavior, and other management courses. He is a Fellow of OBTS: The Teaching Society for Management Educators and a winner of that organization's David L. Bradford Outstanding Educator Award.