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Gabler, Colin

Assistant Professor

Marketing Department
Copeland 530


Colin Gabler is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and Freeman Fellow at the Ohio University College of Business. He is also Director of the Global Consulting Program. Colin earned his Ph.D. (2013) from the University of Alabama, his M.A. (2007) in creative writing from Wilkes University, and B.A. (2003) in marketing from Lycoming College. Prior to academia, Colin spent five years in the nonprofit sector where he worked in event-planning, sales, financial management, marketing and promotions, and lobbying. 

His research focuses on sustainable business strategy and stakeholder management. Topics include ethical sales leadership, retail pricing strategy, green marketing, consumer psychology, and supply chain resiliency. His work has been published in the Journal of Service Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Decision Sciences, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Business Logistics, International Journal of Logistics Management, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and Journal of Marketing Channels, among others.

Colin currently teaches Foundations of Professional Sales and Sustainability & Marketing. Check out his class projects which were presented at the Student Research & Creative Acitivty Expo HERE.

As Director of the Global Consulting Program, he is teaching the pre-trip prep course in Spring 2017. This course combines cultural and language workshops with skill-building training on consulting and presentations to clients. In the summer of 2016, he led a group of OU students to Barcelona as a part of the program and he will lead another group in Summer 2017 To Ancona, Italy. Prior to Ohio, he assisted in the design and implementation of study abroad programs at the University of Alabama. These programs traveled to Turkey, Greece, and Belgium. Previous courses include Promotional Management, International Marketing, and Consumer Behavior.

If Colin is not teaching, researching, or doing something with Ohio University, he is most likely spending time with his amazing and talented wife, Kathleen and/or his family and friends. He could also be: playing the guitar or piano, running an NCAA tournament pool or playing fantasy sports, playing real sports, reading, writing, watching a movie, camping or hiking, planning a trip, or trying to solve problems such as: the potential for a solar flare, the lack of sustainable development, the global food crisis, etc.

Visit Colin's website here.

Selected Publications

Gabler, Colin B., Jessica Ogilvie, Adam A. Rapp, and Daniel Bachrach (forthcoming), "Is there a Dark Side of Ambidexterity? Implications of Dueling Sales and Service Orientations," Journal of Service Research.

Gabler, Colin B., Raj Agnihotri, and Omar Itani (forthcoming), "Can Salesperson Guilt Lead to More Satisfied Customers? Findings from India," Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

Agnihotri, Raj, Jorge Fernando, Colni B. Gabler, Omar Itani, and Michael Krush (authors appear alphabetically), "Salesperson Ambidexterity and Customer Satisfaction: Examining the Role of Customer Demandingness, Adaptive Selling, and Role Conflict, " Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 37 (1), 27-41.

Gabler, Colin B., Adam Rapp, R. Glenn Richey, and Frank G. Adams (forthcoming), "Can Service Climate Detract from Employee Performance: The Role of Experience in Optimizing Satisfaction and Sales Performance," Decision Sciences.

Gabler, Colin B., Nikolaos Panagopoulos, Pavlos A. Vlachos, and Adam Rapp (forthcoming), "Developing an Environmentally Sustainable Business Plan: An International B2B Case Study," Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Management.

Gabler, Colin B., R. Glenn Richey Jr. and Geoffrey Stewart (forthcoming), "Disaster Resilience through Public-Private Short-Term Collaboration," Journal of Business Logistics.

Gabler, Colin B., V. Myles Landers, and Kristy E. Reynolds (in press), "Purchase Decision Regret: Negative Consequences of the Steadily Increasing Discount Strategy,” Journal of Business Research, special issue on the Micro-Foundations of Pricing.

Agnihotri, Raj, Valter Alfonso Vieira, Karin Borges Senra, and Colin B. Gabler (2016), "Examining the Impact of Salespeson Interpersonal Mentalizing Skills on Performance: The Role of Attachment Anxiety and Subjective Happiness," Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, special issue on Emerging Economies.

Gabler, Colin B. and Ronald Paul Hill (2015), "Abusive Supervision, Distributive Justice, and Work-Life Balance: Perspectives from Salespeople and Sales Managers," Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 35 (3), 247-261.

Jones, Michael A., Kristy E. Reynolds, Mark J. Arnold, Colin B. Gabler, Stephanie T. Gillison, and V. Myles Landers (2015), "Exploring Consumers’ Attitude towards Relationship Marketing," Journal of Services Marketing, 29 (3), 188-199.

Gabler, Colin B., R. Glenn Richey and Adam Rapp (2015), “Developing an Eco-Capability through Environmental Orientation and Innovation,” Industrial Marketing Management, 45, 151-161.

Adams, Frank G., R. Glenn Richey, Chad W. Autry, Tyler R. Morgan and Colin B. Gabler (2014), “Supply Chain Collaboration, Integration, and Relational Technology: How Complex Operant Resources Increase Performance Outcomes,” Journal of Business Logistics, 35 (4), 299-317.

Arnold, Mark J., Michael A. Jones, Kristy E. Reynolds, Meltem Tugut and Colin B. Gabler (2014), “Regulatory Focus Intensity and Evaluations of Retail Experiences,” Psychology & Marketing, 31 (11), 958-975.

Gabler, Colin B., Raj Agnihotri and Christopher R. Moberg (2014), “Collaborative Communication and its Impact on Value Creation through Sales and Logistics: A Theoretical Approach,” Journal of Marketing Channels, 21 (4), 242-253.

Richey, R. Glenn, Carolyn Sara (Casey) Findley, Stephanie T. Gillison and Colin B. Gabler (2014), “The Effects of Environmental Focus and Program Timing on Green Marketing Performance and the Moderating Role of Resource Commitment,” Industrial Marketing Management, 43 (7), 1246-1257.

Gabler, Colin B., Adam Rapp and R. Glenn Richey (2014), “The Effect of Environmental Orientation on Salesperson Effort and Participation: The Moderating Role of Organizational Identification,” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 34 (3), 173-187.

Agnihotri, Raj, Adam Rapp, James ‘Mick’ Andzulis and Colin B. Gabler (2014), “Examining the Drivers and Performance Implications of Boundary Spanner Creativity,” Journal of Service Research, 17 (2), 164-181.

Lee, JiungYee, Jonny, Michael L. Capella, Charles R. Taylor, Meg Luo and Colin B. Gabler (2014), “The Financial Impact of Loyalty Programs in the Hotel Industry: A Social Exchange Theory Perspective,” Journal of Business Research, 67 (10), 2139-2146.

Gabler, Colin B., Katy Nagy and Ronald Paul Hill (2014), “Abusive Leadership in Sales Organizations: Antecedents and Consequences,” Psychology & Marketing, 31 (4), 278-293.

Gabler, Colin B., Timothy Butler and Frank G. Adams (2013), “The Environmental Belief-Behavior Gap: Exploring Barriers to Green Consumerism” Journal of Customer Behaviour, 12 (2/3), 159-176.

Gabler, Colin B., Frank G. Adams and Tyler R. Morgan (2013), “Crisis Management and Philanthropic Motives: A Multiple-Theory Driven View of Research Opportunities,” International Journal of Transitions & Innovation Systems, 13 (1), 70-84.

Gabler, Colin B. and Kristy E. Reynolds (2013), “Buy Now or Buy Later: The Effects of Scarcity and Discount on Purchase Decisions,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 21 (4), 441-456.

Genchev, Stefan E., R. Glenn Richey and Colin B. Gabler (2011), “Evaluating reverse logistics programs: A suggested process formalization,” International Journal of Logistics Management, 22 (2), 242-263.

Research Interests

  • Competing values of stakeholders
  • Public-private partnerships and supply chain resiliency
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Service-sales ambidexterity
  • Sustainbility and stakeholder management


Ohio University Sustainability Research & Advocacy Award (2017)

Freeman Fellowship, College of Business, Ohio University (2015)

Faculty Excellence in Intellectual Contributions, College of Business, Ohio University (2015)

Mary Dunstan Doctoral Student Award, University of Alabama (2013)

Dudley Ray Watson & Taylor E. Little Award, University of Alabama (2013)

Dean’s Fellowship for Academic Excellence, University of Alabama (2009-2012)

Marketing & Management Excellence in Teaching Award, Univeristy of Alabama (2010, 2011, 2012)

Sheth Foundation Consortium Doctoral Fellow, American Marketing Association (2012) 

Excellence in Research (SEiRP) Grant Recipient, University of Alabama (2011)

Elsevier Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Society for Marketing Advances (2011)