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Gist, Willie

Professor of Accountancy

School of Accountancy
Copeland 634


Ph.D. in Accounting, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Master of Accounting Degree, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

B.S. Degree in Accounting, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida


Public accounting experience with Deloitte Haskins & Sells, CPAs, and private practice

Financial Reporting experience in the Oil and Gas Industry with Tenneco Oil Exploration Production Company and Anadarko Production Company

Certified Public Accountant 

Member of American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)

Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)

Member of American Accounting Association (AAA)

Member of Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA)

Numerous presentations at International, National, Regional, and Local symposia and Colloquia

Served on reputable Editorial Boards, such as Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory

Has served the AAA in several capacities, such as Chair of Minority Faculty Development Committee for several years,  and a member of the AAA Auditing Standards Committee for three years

Served on many committees of Ohio University at the University, College, and School levels

Research Interests

Economics of auditing, effect of audit structure on audit efficiency and pricing, audit planning efficiencies, influence of industry regulatory complexity and auditor specialization on audit production function, economies of scale and scope, audit product differentiation, audit and financial reporting quality, Impact of SEC investigations on audit cost, audit time budget variances, and internal audit functions. Research methods used to address these issues include empirical/archival, ordinary least squares, general linear models, multivariate analyses with quantitative and qualitative dependent variables, parametric and non-parametric techniques, as well as other methods.

Professional Experience

Public accounting with Deloitte Haskins & Sells, and private practice

Financial Reporting in the Oil and Gas Industry with Tenneco Oil Exploration and Production Company, and Anadarko Production Company

Certified Public Accountant 

Numerous presentations at International, National, Regional, and Local Symposia and Colloquia

Published in academic and practitioner journals

Selected Publications

Doxey, M., S. Fuller, M. Geiger, W. Gist, K. Hackenbrack, D. Janvrin, M. Pitman and P. Roush, 
“Comments on the PCAOB Release No. 2016-003; Proposed Auditing Standard--The Auditor’s Report on an Audit of Financial Statements When the Auditor Expresses an Unqualified Opinion and Related Amendments to PCAOB Standards,” Current Issues in Auditing, Spring 2017, Volume 11, Issue No. 1, C26 – C40.

Anderson, U. L., M. M. Doxey, M. A. Geiger, W. E. Gist, D. Janvrin, and P. Polinski, Comments on        FASB Exposure Draft of Proposed Accounting Standards Update - Notes to Financial Statements       (Topic 235) Assessing Whether Disclosures Are Material, Current Issues in Auditing, December        2016, Volume 10, Issue No. 2, C1 – C9.

Gist, W. E., U. L. Anderson, D. Janvrin, and M. K. Pitman, “Comments by the Auditing Standards 
Committee of the Auditing Section of the American Accounting Association on the IESBA ED 
Release (August 14, 2014), Proposed Changes to Certain Provisions of the Code Addressing the
Long Association of Personnel with an Audit or Assurance Client,” Current Issues in Auditing,
June 2015, Volume 9, Issue No. 1, C18 - C22. 

Abdul Wahab, E. A., W. E. Gist, and W. Z. Abdul Majid, “Characteristics of Non-audit Services and
Financial Restatements in Malaysia,” Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, 2014, Volume 10, No. 3, 225-247.

Scott, W. D., and W. E. Gist, “How Audit Fees are Affected by a Client under SEC Investigation,”           International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, 2014, Volume 10, No. 2, 153-186. 

Gist, W., W. Scott, and T. Shastri, “SEC Investigations on Fraudulent Reporting and Audit Cost, and Implications for Improving Audit and Financial Reporting Quality - Some Evidence and                      Suggestions,” Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business, 2013, Volume 5, No. 1,
56 - 69.

Scott, W. D., and W. E. Gist, “Forced Auditor Change, Industry Specialization and Audit Fees,”                   Managerial Auditing Journal, 2013, Volume 28, No. 8, 708-734.  This research article received the Highly Commended Paper Award of 2014 by the journal’s Editorial Team.

Gist, W., W. Scott, and T. Shastri, “External Auditor’s Ethical Dilemma: Perceived Threat to Auditor’s Responsibility Posed by the Auditor’s Allegiance to Corporate Management,” Journal of Accounting, Ethics & Public Policy, 2013, Volume 14, No. 3, 665-691.;  

Ridley, D., W. Gist, D. Duke, and J. Flagg, “The Predictive Ability of Accounting Operating Cash 
Flows: A Moving Window Spectral Analysis,” American Journal of Finance and Accounting, 2008, Volume 1, No. 2, 167-193.
Gist, W. E., “An Analysis of Firm Level Auditor Tenure on Audit Hours,” Journal of Applied Business Research, Fall 2008, Volume 24, No. 4, 29-50.

Foster, B., W. Gist, G. McClain, and T. Shastri, “A Note on Pre-Sarbanes-Oxley Act Users’ and        Auditors’ Perceptions of a Limitations Paragraph in the Auditor’s Internal Control Report,” Research in Accounting Regulation, 2006, Volume 18, 195-217.

Gist, W., T. Shastri, B. Ward, and D. Wilson, “On the Effectiveness of the Auditing Standards Board in Improving Audit Communication with the SAS 58 Auditor’s Standard Report: An Exploratory Study,” Journal of Applied Business Research, Fall 2005, Volume 21, No. 4, 107-126.

Gist, W., and T. Shastri, “Materiality Matrix: A Framework to Detect Material Misstatements,”
(Cover Story), The Accounting World (ICFAI Publication – The Institute of Chartered Financial
Analysts of India), February 2004. Reprinted with permission of The CPA Journal. Originally
published as “Revisiting Materiality,” November 2003.

Gist, W., G. McClain, T. Shastri, "User Versus Auditor Perceptions of the Auditor’s Report on Internal Control: Readability, Reliability, and Auditor Legal Liability," American Business Review, June 2004, Volume XXII, No. 2, 117-129.  

Gist, W., and T. Shastri, "Revisiting Materiality," The CPA Journal, November 2003, Volume 73, No. 11, 60–63.
Gist, W. E., and R. A. Davidson, "An Exploratory Study of the Influence of Client Factors on Audit          Time Budget Variances," Auditing:  A Journal of Practice and Theory, Spring 1999, Volume             18, No.1, 101-116.

Davidson, R. A., and W. E. Gist, "Empirical Evidence on the Functional Relation Between Audit Planning and Total Audit Effort," Journal of Accounting Research, Spring 1996, Volume 34, No. 1, 111-124.

Gist, W., H. Goedde, and B. Ward, "The Influence of Mathematical Skills and Other Factors on Minority Student Performance in Principles of Accounting," Issues in Accounting Education, Spring 1996, Volume 11, No. 1, 49-60.


Faculty Excellence in Professional Activity and Service Award, Ohio University

Doctoral Research Team Award, University of Arkansas

High Performance Team Teaching Award, University of Arkansas

Beta Gamma Sigma

Oustanding Young Men of America