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Gupta, Ashok


Marketing Department
Copeland 622


PhD, 1984 (Marketing and Innovation Management), Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 

MBA, 1982 (Marketing), Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

BS, 1972 (Mechanical Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Research Interests

His research, teaching and consulting interests focus on management of innovation and new product development process. He has published extensively on R&D management, management of R&D/Marketing interface and accelerating the new product development process in leading national and international journals. He is Editor-in-Chief of Mid-American Journal of Business and on the Editorial Boards of International Marketing Review and Hungarian Journal of Marketing & Management. He has taught courses on managing new product development process, marketing research, marketing principles, customer satisfaction, international marketing, and marketing management. He also has developed Web-based Marketing Principles and Customer Satisfaction courses.

Professional Experience

Executive and shop floor positions in industry in India for eight years.

Selected Publications

Gupta, A., Tembe, G. L., Koshal, M. (2005). Enhancing Industry Interaction with Publicly Funded R&D Labs in India (th ed., pp.471-484). Gabler Publishing, Germany: Cross-Functional Innovation Management.

Moberg, C., Sojka, J., Gupta, A.. An Update on Academic Dishonesty in the College Classroom. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 19(1), 149-176.

Chen, Y., Gupta, A., Hoshower, L. (2006). Factors That Motivate Faculty to Conduct Research: An Expectancy Theory Analysis. Journal of Education for Business, 81(4), 179-189.

Butaney, G., Gupta, A., Hoshower, L.. What Counts as Sales Revenue in B-to-B Transactions?: The Regulatory and Marketing Management Issues. Journal of Business to Business Marketing.

Senteney, D., Chen, Y., Gupta, A. (2006). Predicting Impending Bankruptcy From Auditor Qualified Opinions and Audit Firm Changes. Journal of Applied Business Research, 22(1), 41-56.

Chen, Y., Gupta, A., Hoshower, L. (2004). Faculty Perceptions of Research Rewards. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 1(12), 1-12.

Koshal, R., Koshal, M., Gupta, A. (2004). Students' Academic Performance: An Interaction of Inputs from the Students, Schools and Voters. Perspectives on Gloobal Development & Technology, 3(3), 375-394.

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Gupta, A. (2005). Leadership in a Fast-Paced World -- An Interview with Ken Blanchard (1st ed., vol. 20, pp.7-11): Mid American Journal of Business.


1990: German Industry Professor at the University of Kiel, Germany

1993: Selected for the Fulbright Senior Scholar award for India 

1995: United Nations Development Program consultant to All India Management Association 

2002: Rotary’s Ambassadorial Scholar to Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India.