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Hartman, Katie

Chair & Fox Associate Professor of Marketing

Copeland 514F


PhD in Business Administration - Marketing, Indiana University 

MS in Business, Indiana University 

Masters of Business Administration, Ohio University 

Bachelors of Business Administration - Marketing and Management, Ohio University 

Research Interests

Retail sales interactions, consumer ritual behaviors, customer service, interpersonal communications, tourism, higher education, assessment of learning.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor of Marketing, Ohio University 

Assistant / Associate Professor of Marketing, University of North Carolina Wilmington 

Selected Publications

Shapiro, Benson P. and Hartman, Katherine B. (2018, March). Wiikano Orchards. Harvard Business School Brief Case 918-517. Boston, MA.
Quelch, John A. and Hartman, Katherine B. (2017, March). Pintura Corporation: The Lena Launch Decision. Harvard Business School Brief Case 917-523. Boston, MA.
Penrod, Catherine, Tucker, Mary L., and Hartman, Katherine (2017). Models for delivering written business communication skills: Improving the process. Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, 19(October), online.
Decker, Cole and Hartman, Katherine. (2016). Brand Personality, Congruency, and Net Promotor Score: A University Case Study. Journal of Marketing Perspectives, 1, 23-37.
Penrod, Catherine, Mary Tucker, and Katherine Hartman (2015). Assessing business presentation skills: Assuring learning through assessment, analysis, and curriculum improvement. Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business, 8(February), online. 

Hartman, Katherine B., James B. Hunt, and Carla Y. Childers (2013). Effects of eWOM valence: examining consumer choice using evaluations of teaching. Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business, 6(October).

Hartman, Katherine B., Tracy H. Meyer, and Heather H. Hurley (2013). An Examination of Culture Cushion: Antecedents and Consequences. International Journal of Culture, Tourism, and Hospitality Research, 7(4), 340-352.

Hartman, Katherine B. and James B. Hunt (2013). What reveals about how and why students evaluate their professors: A glimpse into the student mindset. Marketing Education Review, 23(2), 149-160.

Hartman, Katherine B., Christopher R. Moberg, and Jamie M. Lambert (2013). Effectiveness of Problem-based Learning in Introductory Business Courses. Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, 12 (September).

Kinard, Brian R. and Katherine B. Hartman (2013). Are You Entertained? The Impact of Brand Integration and Brand Experience in Television-Related Advergames. Journal of Advertising, 42(2-3), 196-203.

Hartman, Katherine B., James B. Hunt, and Carla Y. Childers (2013). Mistaken causation? A case to teach the difference between correlation and causality. Journal of Business Cases and Applications, 8 (June).

Porter, Thomas, Katherine Hartman, and John Seth Johnson (2011). Books and Balls: Antecedents and Outcomes of College Identification. Research in Higher Education Journal, 13(October).

Hartman, Katherine B., Tracy H. Meyer, and Lisa L. Scribner (2009). Culture Cushion: Inherently Positive Inter-Cultural Tourist Experiences. International Journal of Culture, Tourism, and Hospitality Research, 3(3), 259-268.

Hartman, Katherine B., Tracy H. Meyer, and Lisa L. Scribner (2009). Retail and Service Encounters: The Inter-Cultural Tourist Experience. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 18(1), 197-215.

Porter, Thomas W. and Katherine B. Hartman (2007). The Effect of Product Characteristics on Online Shopping Intentions. E-Business Review, VII(1), 161-165.

Hartman, Katherine B. (2006). Television and Movie Representations of Salespeople: Beyond Willy Loman. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 26(3), 283-292.

Hartman, Katherine B. and Rosann L. Spiro (2005). Recapturing Store Image in Customer-Based Store Equity: A Construct Conceptualization, Journal of Business Research, 58(August), 1112-1120.


2016 Research Recognition Aware, OHIO College of Business

2016 New Tutor of the Year, Honors Tutorial College, Ohio University

2014 Excellence in Professional Activity and Service, OHIO College of Business

2012 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Emerald Literati Network

2011 Faculty Advisor of the Year, Pi Sigma Epsilon


Dr. Katherine "Katie" Hartman is a second-generation Ohio University alumnus and faculty member. She is the Fox Associate Professor and Chair for the Marketing Department. Dr. Hartman teaches marketing strategy, consumer marketing, marketing research, and consumer behavior. Dr. Hartman is the Director of Assessment of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Business. She serves the University in a wide variety of service roles related to teaching, learning, and assessment.