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Lou, Hao


Analytics & Information Systems Department
Copeland 226


Ph.D. in MIS, University of Houston, 1993.

Research Interests

Business Process Outsourcing to Offshore, particularly issues related to:

IT outsourcing to rapidly developing economies (RDEs)

Business Process Outsourcing vs. Development Outsourcing

Process Integration between supplier and customer

Interactive communication technology adoption, particularly issues related to:

Relationship between individuals' affiliation motivation and relationship commitment and their adoption decisions

Critical mass diffusion of interactive communication technology innovations

Relationships among perceived innovation characteristics and adoption decisions

Electronic commerce, particularly issues related to:

Factors related to its adoption by individuals, especially the role of trust in adoption decisions in Asian countries, particularly in China

Differences in its adoption across cultures and across genders

Distance learning technology, particularly issues related to:

Skills required for on-line learners and educators

Professional Experience

Teaching fellow at the National Center for Industrial and Scientific Management at Dalian (NCISMD), China.

Selected Publications

Chen, Dongyu; Lou, Hao; and Van Slyke, Craig (2015) "Toward an Understanding of Online Lending Intentions: Evidence from a Survey in China," Communications of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 36, Article 17.

Van Slyke, C., V. Ilie, H. Lou, and T. Stafford (2007). “Perceived Critical Mass and the Adoption of a Communication Technology,” European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), 16(3), 270-283, July 2007.

Li, D., P. Chau, and H. Lou (2005), “Understanding Individual Adoption of Instant Messaging: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of Association for Information Systems (JAIS), 6(4), 102-129, April 2005.

Lou, H., W. Luo and D. Strong (2000). “Perceived Critical Mass Effect on Groupware Acceptance,” European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), 9(2), 91-103.


Chinese name: 楼浩