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Matta, Vic

Associate Professor

Analytics & Information Systems Department
Copeland 228


Ph.D., 2008, Industrial Systems, Ohio University (Dissertation: A Study of Antecedents of Adoption of Radio Frequency identification Systems in Supply Chain Organizations)

M.S., 1995, Ohio University 

Areas of Concentration: Industrial Systems, Neural Networks

Research Interests

Consumer Behavior 


User Motivation 

Technology Adoption

Professional Experience

IT Project Management

Systems Administration

Database Administration

Selected Publications

Frost, R., Matta, V., Kenyo, L., 2020, A System to Automate Scaffolding and Formative Assessment while Preventing Plagiarism: Enhancing Learning in IS and Analytics Courses that Use Excel

Young, W., Matta, V., 2020, How a College Resolved the Problem of Multi-Criteria Team Formation, International Journal of Society Systems Science

Matta, V., Way, II., (2020) How a College Solved the Problem of Large-Scale Multi-Criteria Team Formation

Matta, V., Babin, J., Beeler, L., Tittle, D., (2020). Online Food Delivery: How Do Service Failures Impact Behavioral Loyalty?

Matta, V., Young, B., (2019). Using Goal Programming to Make Large Scale Heterogeneous Teams

Matta, V., Frost, R. Kenyo, L., (2018). Plagerism Prevention in Excel Assignments

Matta, V., Frost, R., Kenyo, L., (2018). Automated Grading, Analysis, and Feedback in Excel Assignments

Matta, V., Vaghefi, I., Turel, O., Xiao, BS., (2018). DIGITAL DETOX? Understanding Users' Abstinence from Social Networking Sites Use

Matta, V., Lucas, DJ., Triche, J., (2018). Designing an ARCS Based BI Course Without Losing Your Mind

Matta, V., Frost, R., Kenyo, L., (2018). Automatic Grading and Formative Feedback in Excel with Plagerism Prevention. 

Matta, V., Chimeli, J., Frost, R., Moss, M., (2018). Partial Credit on Multiple-Choice Exams: Does it Help or Hurt Students?

Matta, V., Frost, R., Fox, A., Pinney, R., (2017). Decomposing Poison Pill Reviews: A Dual Process Model Approach

Frost, R., Matta, V., McIvor, E., 2015, Assessing the Efficacy of Incorporating Game Dynamics in a Learning Management System, Journal of Information Systems Education

Matta, V., Frost, R., Maclvor, E., (2015). Assessing the Efficacy of Incorporating Game Dynamics in a Learning Management System

Matta, V., (2013). Self-Selected Team Formation Using Sociometric Popularity Normalization

Matta, V., Ferger, AR., (2012). Evaluating Variance in Cost-Benefit Perceptions of RFID Systems in the Supply Chain Sector

Matta, V., Jeyaraj, A., (2012). An Exploration of Timing of Online Surveys on Respons Characteristics

Matta, V., Koonce, D., Jeyaraj, A., (2012). Initiation, Experimentation, Implementation of Innovations: The Case for Radio Frequency Identification Systems, International Journal of Information Management

Matta, V., Luce, T., Ciavarro, G., (2011). Exploring Impact of Self-selected Student Teams and Academic Potential on Student Satisfaction, Information Systems Education Journal

Matta, V., Luce, T. (2011). Information Systems Education Journal. AITP, 4(1), 1-10.

Luce, T., Matta, V., (2010). Academic Change Induced Calendar Change, Issues in Information Systems

Matta, V. (2009). Defining the Antecedents of Adoption of RFID in the Supply Chain. Issues in Information Systems.

Matta, V., Berisso, K., Brokaw, T. (2009). Prototyping for the Holy Grail of RFID: Return on Investments. Issues in Information Systems, X(2).

Matta, V., Koonce, D. (2009). Semantic Breakdown of Functionality of RFID Technology to Support Application Development, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Spring 2009.

Matta, V., Snitcher, L., (2007). Creating a Course in Business System Integration: Challenges and Lessons Learned, Issues in Information Systems

McGann, S., Frost, R., Matta, V., Huang, W., (2007). Meeting the Challenge of IS Curriculum Modernization: A Guide to Overhaul, Integration, and Continuous Improvement, Journal of Information Systems Education

Matta, V., Sormaz, D., (2006). Intelligent Information Systems, Quo Vadis?, Issues in Information Systems

Matta, V., Moberg, C., (2006). The Development of a Research Agenda for RFID Adoption and Effectiveness in Supply Chains, Issues in Information Systems

Luce, T., Matta, V., Brown, C., (2006). Developing a More Effective Course to Deliver CIS Education, Issues in Information Systems

McGann, S., Frost, R., Matta, V., (2006). Meeting Dynamic IS Market Demands: Leveraging Consulting Practices to Guide Curriculum Reform, Issues in Information Systems 

Matta, V., Frost, R., and Huang, W, (2005). An Exploratory Investigation of the Effect on Learning Outcomes of Different Types of Presentation Handouts, Issues in Information Systems

Koonce, D. and Matta, V., (2005). Resistance in Adoption of Radio Frequency Identification Systems in the Supply Chain Industry, Proceedings of IIE - Logistics and Inventory, May 2005

Awards & Recognition

Industry Editor, Journal of IT & Case Application Research (2021-present)

Co-Editor, Journal of IT & Case Application Research (2020-21)

COB Faculty Excellence in Professional Activity & Service (2020)

Senior Teaching Fellow, Bruning Academy (2015-16, 2020-21)

Interim Chair, Faculty and Technology Advisory Group (2014)

Acknowledged for Teaching by Ohio State Senate (2014)

Finalist for Presidential Teaching Award (2013)

Qualtrics Brand Administrator for Ohio U. (2012 - present)

Senior Class Recognition Award (2010), College of Business, Ohio University

Best Research Poster Award - eBiz, ICIS (2010) 

Excellence in Teaching Award, (2009), College of Business, Ohio University.

Outstanding Educator Award, (2007), WPA, Greek community and the chapters of Ohio University.

Best Paper Award, IACIS 2006, Meeting Dynamic IS Market Demands: Leveraging Consulting Practises to Guide Curriculum Reform, Issues in Information Systems.



Dr. Matta is an associate professor of analytics and information systems at Ohio University. He received his Ph.D. from the Russ College of Engineering and Technology in 2008. Matta teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in business analytics, information systems analysis, systems development, and strategic use of information systems. He also conducts seminars in business consulting and project management in our executive education workshops. Matta is an accomplished teacher and has won several awards at the college and university. He publishes in pedagogy and consumer behavior and maintains editorial responsibilities with journals and conferences. He presents regularly at information systems conferences and is an active member of the Association of Information Systems.