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Moberg, Chris

Senior Associate Dean

Office of the Dean
Copeland 614F


DBA, Cleveland State University, 2000.

MBA, Miami University, 1989.

BBA, University of New Mexico, 1988.


Research Interests

Supply chain management, logistics performance, services marketing, sales effectiveness, sport marketing, marketing education, and ethics.

Professional Experience

Sales manager; small business owner

Selected Publications

Hartman, Katherine, Christopher R. Moberg, and Jamie Carter, “Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning in Introductory Business Courses," forthcoming, Journal of Instructional Pedagogies.

Yu, Kun, Yong J. Wang, Christopher R. Moberg, and Kevin W. Cruthirds (2013), “Adopting Ro-Ro Transportation in Inland China: A Decision Criteria Survey of Shippers, Forwarders, and Haulers,” International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, Vol. 16, No. 4.

Lawrence, Heather, Peter Titlebaum, Christopher R. Moberg, and Christina Ramos (2013), "Fortune 100 Companies: Insight into Premium Seating Ownership," Sport Marketing Quarterly, Vol. 22, 1, pp. 48-58. 

Moberg, Christopher R. and Megan Leasher (2011), “Examining the Differences in Salesperson Motivation Among Different Cultures,” American Journal of Business, Volume 26, 2, pp. 145-160.

Lawrence, Heather J. and Christopher R. Moberg (2009), “Luxury Suites and Team Selling in Professional Sport,” Team Performance Management, Volume 15, 3-4, pp. 185-201.

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Moberg, Christopher R., Jane Sojka, and Ashok Gupta (2008), “An Update on Academic Dishonesty in the College Classroom,” Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, Volume 19, 1, pp 149-176.

Reese, James T. and Christopher R. Moberg, (2007), “An Exploratory Study of the College Transplant Fan,” The SMART Journal, Volume 4, 1, pp. 27-46.

Morgan, Felicia, Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, and Christopher R. Moberg, (2007), "Branding Implications of Partner Firm-Focal Firm Relationships in Business-to-Business Service Networks," Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Volume 22, 6, pp. 372-382.

Matta, Vic and Christopher R. Moberg 2006), "The Development of a Research Agenda for RFID Adoption and Effectiveness in the Supply Chain," Issues in Information Systems, Volume 7, 2, pp. 246-251.

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Moberg, Christopher R., David Rosenthal, and Robert Twells (2000), "The HeaterMeals Company: A Hot in the Dark," Business Case Journal, Summer, pp. 237-251.



Best Paper Award, Relationship Marketing Track, 2006 Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference.

Intellectual Contribution Award, College of Business, 2004

Senior Class Faculty Award, 2002



Board Member, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (2008-Present)