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Rapp, Adam

Executive Director of The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre; The Ralph and Luci Schey Professor of Sales

Copeland 209A


  • PhD, University of Connecticut
  • MBA, Villanova University
  • BA, Pennsylvania State University(Behrend)

Research Interests

Dr. Rapp's research focuses on factors influencing the performance of front-line service and sales personnel.


Prior to entering academia, Dr. Rapp worked in Market Research before transitioning into selling research services. After earning his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut, Dr. Rapp spent time as a doctoral fellow at the University of Houston, where he researched and taught in the Sales Excellence Institute. He then moved to Kent State and subsequently Clemson University, where he started the Institute for Selling. Most recently, he was the Chair of Services Marketing at The University of Alabama while acting as the Sales Program’s Director of Research and Ph.D. student coordinator.

Dr. Rapp has engaged in training and sales force competency mapping across several industries and with hundreds of firms. He is an experienced corporate trainer in sales leadership, team performance, human resources management, sales competency building, diagnostic selling, and customer relationship management technologies. He most recently developed an extensive curriculum around the topic of managing millennials.

Selected Publications

  • Adam Rapp, Tom Baker, Daniel Bachrach, Jessica Ogilvie, and Lauren Beitelspacher (2015). “Perceived customer showrooming behavior and the effect on retail salesperson self-efficacy and performance” Journal of Retailing, 91(2), 358-369.
  • Adam Rapp, Jessica Ogilvie and Daniel Bachrach (2015). “Sales leadership icons and models: How comic book superheroes would make great sales leaders” Business Horizons, 58(3), 261-274.
  • Ryan Mullins, Adam Rapp, Daniel Bachrach, Dhruv Grewal, and Lauren Beitelspacher “Perceived versus Desired Control in Buyer-Seller Interactions,” forthcoming at the Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Raj Agnihotri, Adam Rapp, Tom Baker and James Andzulis, (2014). “Competitive intelligence collection and use by sales and service representatives: how managers’ recognition and autonomy moderate individual performance.” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 43(3), 357-374.
  • Adam Rapp, Daniel Bachrach, Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos and Jessica Olgivie, (2014). “Salespeople as knowledge brokers: a review and critique of the challenger sales model.” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 34(4), 245-259.
  • Tammy Rapp, Daniel Bachrach, Ryan Mullins and Adam Rapp (2014), “The role of team goal   monitoring in the curvilinear relationship between team efficacy and team performance,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 99(5), 976.
  • Tom Baker, Adam Rapp, Ryan Mullins, and Traci Meyer (2014), “An Empirical Examination of How Educating Service Employees about the Brand Influences Customer Satisfaction,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 42(6), 642-657.
  • Raj Agnihotri, Adam Rapp, James Andzulis, and Colin Gabler (2014), “A Componential Framework of Salesperson Creativity: Antecedents and Outcomes,” Journal of Services Research, 17(2), 164-181.
  • Adam Rapp, Daniel Bachrach and Tammy Rapp (2013), “A Test of Resource Allocation Theory: Exploring the Role of Time Management Skill in the Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Task Performance,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 98(4), 668-679.
  • Adam Rapp, Lauren Skinner, Dhruv Grewal and Doug Hughes (2013), “Social Media Adoption across Marketing Channels,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 41(5), 547-566.
  • Joel Le Bon, Doug Hughes, and Adam Rapp (2013), “Assessing the Impact of Salespeople’s Field-Based Competitive Intelligence on Product Competitiveness and Brand Preference,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 41(1), 91-110.
  • Adam Rapp, Michael Ahearne, John Mathieu and Tammy Rapp (2010), “Antecedents of Sales Team Process: The Role of Experience, Virtualness, and Empowerment,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 27(3), 213-224.
  • Michael Ahearne, Adam Rapp, Doug Hughes, and Rupinder Jindal (2010), “Managing Sales Force Product Perceptions and Control Systems in the Success of New Product Introductions,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47(4), 764-776.
  • Michael Ahearne, Eli Jones, Adam Rapp and John Mathieu (2008), “High Touch Through High Tech: The Impact of Salesperson Technology Usage on Sales Performance via Mediating Mechanisms,” Management Science, 54(3), 671-685. 
  • Adam Rapp, Michael Ahearne, John Mathieu and Niels Schillewaert (2006), “The Impact of Knowledge and Empowerment on Salesperson Behaviors,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 23(3), 279-293.
  • Michael Ahearne, John Mathieu and Adam Rapp (2005), “To Empower or Not to Empower Your Sales Force: An Empirical Examination of the Influence of Empowering Leader Behaviors on Customer Satisfaction and Performance,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 90(5), 945-955.


  • Neil Rackham Award, Sales Knowledge Generation and Dissemination (2015)
  • Jolson Award - Best Practice Paper, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management (2015)
  • Sales Practice Book, Showrooming: How to Win Back Lost Customers (2015)
  • Sales Practice Book, Transformative Sales: Becoming a Resource Manager and Knowledge Broker (2014)
  • Comer Award - Best Theory Paper, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management (2013)
  • Marketing Science Institute Research Grant, Creating Selling Synergies through Data Analytics (2013)
  • Sales Education Foundation Research Grant, Customer Analysis to Build Better Sales Pipelines (2013)
  • Strategic Account Management Association Keynote, Role of Social Media in Account Management (2013)
  • JPSSM Special Issue Editor, The Influence of Social Media on the Sales Process (2012)
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Clemson University (2011)
  • Society for Marketing Advances, Best Conference Paper Award (2010; 2011)
  • Sales Technology Book, SFA and CRM: A Focus on Selection and Implementation (2010)
  • National Collegiate Sales Competition, 5th Place Team; 4th and 9th Individual (2009)
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Kent State University (2007)
  • Harvard Business Review Blog Network, Use Your Sales Force’s Competitive Intelligence Wisely
  • Founding Partner, Sales and Leadership Development Group