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Rapp, Tammy

Assistant Professor and Associate Director, College of Business Honors Program

Management Department
Copeland 610
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Ph.D., University of Connecticut 

MBA, Alliant International University

M.S., San Diego State University

B.S., Bryant College

Research Interests

Dr. Rapp's research focuses on team effectiveness, with specific interest in four areas: team processes, shared cognition, multi-level theory, and time.

Selected Publications

Rapp, T. L. (2016). A cross-classified multilevel analysis of identity and performance in multiple team arrangements. In John Humphreys (Ed.), Best Paper Proceedings of the Seventy-sixth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.

Rapp, T.L., Gilson, L.L., Mathieu, J.M., & Ruddy, T.  (2016). Leading empowered teams: An examination of the role of external team leaders and team coaches. The Leadership Quarterly, 27(1), 109-123.

Rapp, T. L., Rapp, A., & Bachrach, D. G., & Mullins R. (2014). The role of team goal monitoring in the curvilinear relationship between team efficacy and team performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99(5), 976-987. 

 Rapp, A., Bachrach, D., & Rapp, T.L. (2013). The influence of time management skill on the curvilinear relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and task performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 98(4), 668-677. 

Maynard, M. T., Mathieu, J. E., Rapp, T.L., & Gilson, L.L. (2012). Something(s) old and something(s) new: Modeling drivers of global virtual team effectiveness. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 33,342-365. 

Mathieu, J.E., Rapp, T.L., Maynard, M.T., & Mangos, P. (2010). Interactive effects of team and task shared mental models as related to air traffic controllers' collective efficacy and effectiveness. Human Performance, 23(1), 22-40. 

Rapp, A., Ahearne, M., Mathieu, J.E., & Rapp, T.L. (2010). Managing sales teams in a virtual environment. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 27, 213-224. 

Mathieu, J. E. & Rapp, T. L. (2009). Laying the foundation for successful team performance trajectories: The roles of team charters and deliberate plans. Journal of Applied Psychology, 94(1), 90-103. 

Mathieu, J.E., Maynard, M. T., Rapp, T.L., & Gilson, L. (2008). Team effectiveness 1997-2007: A review of recent advancements and a glimpse into the future. Journal of Management, 34, 410-476. 

Rapp, T. L. & Mathieu, J. E. (2007). Evaluating an individually self-administered generic teamwork skills training program across time and levels. Small Group Research, 38(4), 532-555. 


Best Paper, Academy of Management Meeting (2016)

Journal of Management Scholarly Impact Award (2013)

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Dissertation Award $5000 (2007)

CIBER Research Grant $5000 | University of Connecticut with J.E. Mathieu (2004) 


Tammy Rapp received her Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Behavior from the University of Connecticut in 2009.  She also earned an MBA in Strategic Management from Alliant University, an M.S. in Management at San Diego State University, and a B.S. in Marketing from Bryant College. Prior to entering academics, she spent 10 years working in the financial services industry.

Tammy has taught a variety of management classes including Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Leadership, and Strategic Management at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to teaching, Tammy has also conducted extensive research in the area of organizational behavior, focusing specifically on team effectiveness and leadership. To date, her research has been published in a number of high quality academic journals, such as the Journal of Management, Journal of Applied Psychology, Leadership Quarterly,Journal of Organizational Behavior, Small Group Research, and Human Performance. Her research on team effectiveness was awarded the 2013 Scholarly Impact Award. 

Tammy recently joined the Ohio University faculty in the Management Department, where she teaches courses in the integrated business cluster, honors program, as well as the online and professional MBA programs. She also serves as the Associate Director for Leadership Development in the College of Business Honors Program. She lives in Athens, OH with her husband Adam (who is an OU marketing professor), and her two young children.