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Thacker, Rebecca

Associate Professor of Management

Copeland 624


PhD, Texas A&M University. Human resource management.

MBA, Texas A&M University.

BS, West Virginia University. Retailing.

Research Interests

Organizational citizenship behaviors; determinants of employee help-seeking behaviors

Selected Publications

Thacker, R.A.  In press.  The application of social exchange to commitment bonds of pro-union
employees:  Cognitive calculations of reciprocity.  Human Resource Management Review.

Thacker, R.A., & Wayne, S.J. 1995. An examination of the relationship between upward influence
tactics and work-related outcomes.  Journal of Management, 21: 739-756.  

Thacker, R.A. 1996. A descriptive study of situational and individual influences upon individuals'
responses to sexual harassment.  Human Relations, 49: 1105-1122.

Griffeth, R., Witt, A., Thacker, R., Robinson, S.  2011. Assessing the cost of underperformance:  A
computer programmer example.  The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 48 (4).

Thacker, R.A., & Gohmann S.F. 1996.  Emotional and psychological consequences of sexual
harassment:  A descriptive study.  Journal of Psychology, 130(4):  429-446.

Thacker, R.A. & Stoner, J.  2012. Supervisors’ instrumental and emotional influences on subordinate help-seeking behavior: An exploratory study.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 42 (1): 40–61.

Thacker, R.A.  2000.  Shifting the human resource management curriculum from the traditional to the
strategic:  Description of a process for curriculum revision.  International Journal of Leadership
in Education, 3: 399-409.

Thacker, R.A.  1999.  Perceptions of trust, upward influence tactics, and performance ratings.   
Perceptual and  Motor Skills, 88: 1059-1070.

Thacker, R.A.  2002.  Revising the HR curriculum:  An academic/practitioner partnership. Education
and Training,  44: 31-39.

Professional Experience

Consultant to numerous private and public sector organizations.

Human resources manager for a bank for three years.