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10 reasons to become a Business Bobcat (told by real students)

Thursday, September 3 2015 12:00am

By Brianna Wilson 

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1. “It sounds cliché, but the College of Business is a big family. My job, thesis advisor, and mentor are all in the College – and that’s on purpose. I’ve really gotten all of the advice and friendship here that I was looking for in my college experience.”

-Angelina Moore, ‘16

2. “The College of Business combines academic ethos with a social atmosphere. Plus, it’s beautiful, and the students rock.”

-Noah Rosenblatt, ‘16


3. “The leadership opportunities here are unbelievable. You can jump in as a leader and truly grow yourself academically and personally.”

-Jack Melick, ‘17

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4. “My peers are amazing. I always thought of myself as a regular student, but once I got here and saw how motivated others are, I really learned to push myself. Everything here just urges you to grow.”

-Maria Figueroa, ‘17

5. “How knowledgeable the professors are. Hearing the Sport Management professors’ stories has really broadened my perspective on careers I can build in the industry.”

-Drake Drieberg, ‘17

6. “The team-based learning approach that they teach you. It really helped me develop skills that I know I’ll need as I grow as a professional, like strong communication and delegating skills.”

-Noha Al-Khalqi, ‘17

20140320 Women Business 0201 Jda7. “The alumni are so involved. Through my extracurricular activities, I’ve really been able to connect with them about what they do, how they got there, and if it seems like their profession would suit me. Seeing what they’ve done has really shown me what I want to pursue in my future.”

-Patrick Burke, December ‘15


8. “You just learn so much. College of Business classes are the perfect level of difficulty. I definitely learn more than I would in other types of classes.”

-Kalene Schmidt, ‘16

9. “The opportunity to work with some of the best faculty and alumni in the world provides students with real, practical work experiences that easily transfer to the workforce.”

-Kali Krisik, ‘16

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10.“The College approach is holistically focused.Professors don’t just want to prepare you for success in oneclass; they want to prepare you for a career. They want to help you become a leader, not just an average employee. The internship requirement, Global Consulting Programs, and range of international opportunities at the College really push you to the next level.”

-Rachel Niese, ‘16