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10 takeaways from the One-Year MBA orientation

Thursday, September 1 2016 12:00am

To kick off the fall 2016 semester, one-year MBA students attended orientation where faculty, staff and alumni provided an overview of program expectations, campus life, the Athens community, and more.

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By Magda Stepien and Marshall Payne 

Here are a few notable takeaways from this year’s event.

1. Story Time

The MBA students were encouraged to get to know each other by sharing a one-minute story about… well, anything. Then, one representative from each table was asked to mesh the five or six stories together into one insane, incoherent tale of epic proportions. Gymnastics bags spontaneously combusted, a half-Polish Lionel Messi got married, toothless quadrathlons were won, and there was a helicopter rescue onto a beach full of kimchee pizza.

2. Academic Requirements

It is important to remember that MBA students are required to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. If at any point your GPA drops below 3.0, you risk being placed on academic probation. If your GPA is not above 3.0 by the end of the following semester, you will be dismissed from the program. In addition, if your first semester GPA is below 3.0, you will not be eligible for a spring graduate assistantship. But your student success team is here to help! Contact Kelsey Rodgers, Tanya Barnett or Michael Pelfrey with questions. 

3. Tuition

While this is may seem straightforward, it’s important to pay your tuition on time. Payments are due on the 21st of the month after you register. This means, if you registered for classes on Aug. 15, your first payment will be due on Sept. 21. For more information about tuition, visit the Office of the Bursar website.

4. Benvenuti in Italia!

The 2017 MBA cohort will be following in the footsteps of the Class of 2016 by taking their international consulting trip to Ancona, Italy. Beginning in the spring semester, students will use their experience and knowledge to complete a consulting project for a company in Ancona. Along with their MBA team, they will be working with students from Italy to achieve the company’s innovation goals.

5. MBA Class of 2017 Meetings

MBA Bobcats, don’t forget to keep every other Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. open on your calendars for the MBA Class of 2017 meeting! The first meeting was on Aug. 24. We learned about the Executive Training Series and got an overview of the weeks to come.   

6. Alumni Panel

The students took a break from the serious topics and got the scoop on all things MBA from the 2016 class representatives Kelley Johnson, MBA/MSA ’17 class president, Valerie Dunlap, MBA/MSA ’17, and Drew Fuemmeler, MBA/MSA ‘17. No topics were off limits with only students in the room, and the new MBA cohort was able to see the program through the eyes of past students.  

7. Go Gold Fund Partnership

MBA students were introduced to the Go Gold Fund, an organization that was created to raise awareness and funds in the fight against childhood cancer. One of the largest on-campus initiatives is the OHIO Go Gold football game, which is just one piece of the organization’s Go Gold Athletic Activism Campaign. The Go Gold Fund also partners with local businesses to help increase awareness and periodically donate a percentage of their sales. Join in on the conversation by using social media hashtags #BeBrave, #BeBold, and #GoGold. For additional information on how to get involved, contact Dr. Lynn Harter or stop by Scripps Hall 105B.

8. Career Management Services

The MBA cohort had the opportunity to meet Jen Murphy and James Biddick whose goal, simply put, is to help us find awesome jobs. They will help MBA students develop resumes, give job interview advice, and find the best sources for their job search. The process of finding your dream job starts well before graduation, so utilize this resource early and often. Check out the Office of Career Management on the second floor of Copeland Hall!

9. Get involved in Athens

Char Kopchick gave us the inside scoop on all the activities Athens has to offer. Whether it’s going to a concert at the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium or participating in the Angler’s Club, there are countless ways to get involved with the more than 500 organizations around campus. Be sure to check out the calendar of upcoming events or visit Mrs. Kopchick in the Baker University Center Campus Involvement Center to get involved throughout the year.

10. Electric Carpet

To finish out the day, the MBA cohort took part in a team building exercise founded at MIT. The electric carpet tests your memory, teamwork, patience, and self-control in an interactive atmosphere. The cohort was split into three groups and battled to be the first team to make it through the electric carpet maze without making any sounds!