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14 Reasons to Extend Your Education with OHIO's One-Year MBA

Wednesday, January 29 2020 11:45am

Here's how you could build upon your undergraduate degree with Ohio University's One-Year MBA.

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By Mishalaina Coles

It’s true – deciding to continue your education is a major decision. There are many factors to consider when researching graduate business programs like cost, location, area of study, alumni network, culture, faculty, and much more. Another important factor to consider is what your prospective universities can do for YOU.

The list below outlines 14 ways that pursuing Ohio University's One-Year MBA will help you check the boxes of your personal and professional development.

1. Receive a holistic business education
In the One-Year MBA, you’ll learn about numerous business disciplines such as finance, management, marketing, analytics, human resources, and ethics, to name a few. As you go through your courses, you’ll start to discover how each area is connected to each other. 

2. Become an effective communicator 
Communication is key. The program will allow you to build upon your existing communication skills and continue to perfect them. What type of communication? The examples are endless. The One-Year MBA will cultivate your skills in interviewing, speaking with C-suite professionals, giving presentations, and writing memos.

3. Gain experience working in teams 
A lot of the projects you’ll work on throughout the year are team-based. When you enter the program, you’ll be assigned to a team that you’ll collaborate with throughout the fall semester (and another team in the spring). One-Year MBA program director, Dr. Ike Uzuegbunam, says that “you can do big things when you work with others.”

4. Make life-long friends 
With the number of courses, various trips, and events you’ll experience in this accelerated program, you’ll become very close to all of your classmates. And with team-based projects, there’ll be a lot of time to build a bond with your team members.

5. Gain hands-on international business experience 
At the end of the year, the One-Year MBA class travels abroad to do consulting projects for international business clients. Your destination could be the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, or many more. Each consulting project will allow you to focus on a specific business area of your interest.

6. Participate in networking opportunities 
Throughout the MBA experience, there’ll be opportunities to network with people in the industry, on and off campus. The Class of 2019 traveled to Seattle, Washington to meet with executives at major companies like Amazon and Starbucks.

7. Develop your leadership skills 
There’ll be many opportunities to lead group projects and presentations. You’ll also learn about different methods to becoming an effective leader. 

8. Gain real-world experience working with live clients 
Many of the ventures during the One-Year MBA program will bring you face-to-face with local businesses in the Athens, Ohio area and around the globe. You’ll work with these live clients to help solve real business problems and add this real-world experience to your resume.   

9. Increase your self-confidence 
Some aspects of the program will push you out of your comfort zone. As you grow your network, travel abroad, and discover your professional potential, you’ll continue to learn and become confident in new skill sets.

10. Learn from experts 
The faculty you’ll come into contact with during the program have numerous years of experience in both academia and the field. Your professor will help you achieve your goals. And not only will they be your instructors, but they’ll also become life-long connections!

11. Receive help on launching your postgraduate career 
With the College of Business’s Career & Student Success Center, you’ll have access to career coaches to help you with all things relating to your next career move. A year-long career management course is also included in the program’s curriculum, which means you’ll have access to the resources you need to help find your post-graduate career.

12. Surround yourself with other driven individuals 
OHIO's One-Year MBA is a competitive program, and once you’re in, you’ll be surrounded by other hardworking individuals which will help you stay very motivated throughout the program.

13. Be exposed to diverse point-of-views 
Your classmates will be from a plethora of diverse backgrounds. Some may have recently graduated college, while others may have been in the workforce for a few years. Some may be from a different country. Some will be engineering majors, while others might have a degree in liberal arts. It’ll be a valuable opportunity to learn about others’ strengths and experiences.

14. Build your personal brand 
The One-Year MBA will be a transitional time to learn about yourself. As you learn the importance of different business functions, you’ll also learn more about your personality and working style. This program will help as you grow to represent yourself as a professional and discover who you truly are.


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