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5 ways department chairs can help students

Thursday, August 4 2016 12:00am

Hidden resources. Advocates. Problem-solvers.

By Brianna Wilson 

Department chairs ensure quality teaching, create and implement departmental strategy, and are part of the leadership team. But they also are one of many resources for students.

Read on to discover a few little-known things department chairs do.

  1. Help provide accommodations for students with disabilities. From identifying note takers to approving extra time for test taking, chairs can help identify and implement accommodations for you.
  2. Conduct student/faculty mediation. Having trouble with a professor, but don’t feel comfortable addressing them directly? Your chair is here to listen and to help alleviate your concerns. He or she can even mediate between you and the professor, if necessary.
  3. Act as a resource for job and career opportunities. While the Office of Career Management offers career counseling, chairs can help students better understand the field and related career opportunities.  
  4. Problem-solve. If chairs can’t address your concern themselves, they’ll find out who can. As Katie Hartman, chair of the marketing department said, “If I don’t know, I’ll get on my phone and call people until I can figure it out.”
  5. Assist with scheduling conflicts. Can’t get into a class you need for your major, or are missing a prerequisite? Chairs are experts in their majors’ curriculum and can help you brainstorm how to rearrange your schedule and stay on track.

Meet the Chairs

Dr. Andy Fodor

Chair of Finance

Office: Copeland 514G



Dr. Thom Luce and Dr. Gabe Giordano

Chairs of Management Information Systems

Office: 514E

Email: ;


Dr. Gary Coombs

Chair of Management

Office: Copeland 514D



Dr. Katherine Hartman

Chair of Marketing

Office: Copeland 514F



Dr. Norm O’Reilly

Chair of Sport Management

Office: Copeland 514A



Other support systems in the College of Business

We are dedicated to helping you succeed. That’s why we offer several other support services in the College, including the Offices of Student Services and Career Management.

Both offices hold walk-in hours each weekday from 1 to 4 p.m. Find out more about how they can support you.