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8 things sales professionals learned at the Schey Sales Symposium

Thursday, November 19 2015 12:00am

This year’s Schey Sales Symposium brought more than 200 sales professionals and students to Athens for a day of learning. Though it’s impossible to cram the event’s key learnings into one article, here at the top eight things attendees learned.

By Brianna Wilson

1. How does anyone create the future? By becoming an outlier, according to Dr. Chris Crawford, assistant professor of strategic management. Outliers change assumptions and expectations by creating events and driving action needed to shape the future.

2. Companies can increase performance by increasing engagement, said Tim Reynolds, executive-in-residence, strategic management and director, Select Leaders Develop Program. How do you increase engagement? It starts with leadership. The most successful leaders are honest, forward-thinking, confident, and inspirational.

3. Dr. Adam Rapp, executive director, The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre, shared the four most important things the Millennial Generation looks for when considering an organization’s environment. Surprisingly, not one is salary. To appeal to Millennials, show them your company environment has trust, ethics, mentorship, and teamwork.   

4. What does equestrianism have to do with sales? Freshman Sydney Wolff explained how business, like equestrianism, is based on teamwork. Winning comes from a positive attitude, strong sense of respect for your colleagues, and a willingness to go that extra mile.

5. Dopamine is the key to success, as presented by Avery Pantaleano, College of Business junior. Pantaleano talked about the advantages of neurotransmitter dopamine, including being three times more creative, 31 percent more productive, 40 percent more likely to get a promotion, up to ten times more engaged, and 37 percent better at sales. So start smiling – your success depends on it. 

6. The last student presenter, Stephenson Swan, talked about the need for failure. If you look up failure in the thesaurus, you’ll find fiasco, letdown, and catastrophe – all sorts of negative words. But the one synonym missing from the list is lesson. Change your mindset to consider your failures lessons. You’ll learn from it. 

7. Dr. Adam Rapp advised participants to take a hint from Wonder Woman when it comes to recruiting, and practice transparency. Explain fully what the position is, what it entails, and what it doesn’t. Wouldn’t you rather find more engaged employees.

8. Tom Marchese, executive-in-residence and associate director, College of Business Honors Program, shared how to drive breakthrough results in just five steps: Set goals, seek knowledge, think differently, act with total commitment, and execute with focus and teamwork. Don’t forget to set a high goal; the sky is the limit.