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Alumni Answers: Adam Heintz

Monday, October 29 2018 07:00pm

Business Bobcat Adam Heintz shares his OHIO experience.

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Adam Heintz ‘02 values the time he spent at Ohio University because it made him feel ready for the workforce and gave him more access to professional connections.

He believes that the business cluster was his most valuable experience within the College of Business because it prepared him for life after graduation.

“This experience came the closest to mirroring the things that happen in the business world on a day to day basis, not just related to technical business aspects, but also the interpersonal relationships required to make a team successful,” he said.

Now, Heintz leads a cross-functional business intelligence team at Monumental Sports and Entertainment, which owns and operates several sports entities including the Washington Wizards and Capitals. His team handles email marketing, corporate partner analytics and ticket pricing while also providing support for technology and data acquisition projects.

“The people you're surrounded by make or break a workplace, and I'm fortunate to have a group of smart and fun people to work with every day,” he said.

In 2002, Heintz graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance. He received his first job out a college through a recruitment event on campus where he was looking for Chicago-based positions. This allowed him to remain close to his girlfriend (also an OHIO graduate), who he later married.

Working in the business world has led him to form connections with many OHIO alumni in Chicago and Washington, D.C. He says every bit of effort a student puts into finding a career matters.

“Being in school is also one of the most transitional periods in someone's life, a time where something inconsequential for a professional such as sending an email or making a phone call can truly change the trajectory of someone's life,” Heintz said.