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AMA students explored the marketing industry via “agency crawl” in Columbus

Wednesday, November 28 2018 05:15pm

Twenty AMA students toured several Columbus-based companies and left resumes for future review.

By Meghan Morris 

The following news report was put together with information from Logan Cox, vice president of the OHIO chapter of the American Marketing Association, about a recent “agency crawl” in  Columbus, Ohio. The AMA students visited several companies and met with industry professionals.

The OHIO chapter of the American Marketing Association introduces students to the “essential community for marketers.” Members receive benefits such as career resources, experiential learning opportunities, and platforms for professional development. The best way to see what the business world has to offer is to experience it firsthand, so at least once a semester, the OHIO AMA students take a networking trip to a city at their disposal through professional and personal connections.

Twenty AMA students traveled to Columbus, Ohio, on Oct. 4 for an all-day “agency crawl.” The student-led trip included visits to three Columbus-based companies: QuestlineAmerican Whistle Corporation, and Rev1 Ventures. A booklet of the students’ resumes was hand-delivered to someone of importance at each company.

“The goal was to get students out of the classroom environment and into an environment where they can see what their future day-to-day like could look like,” Logan Cox, vice president of the OHIO chapter of AMA, said.

The first stop on the “agency crawl” was Questline, an advertising agency, where they spoke with OHIO alumna Jill Bryan. She serves as the director of marketing at Questline and spoke to the students about job experience, resumes, and work-life balance.

“She gave us information that we couldn’t get sitting in a classroom,” Cox said.

Cox was surprised by Questline’s culture because the company focuses on making work conditions as pleasant as possible. Employees have flexible work schedules, allowing them to work in the office and from home.

“We received some real insight into what it’s like to work for an advertising agency in the 21st century,” he said. “They spoke a lot upon what they do day-to-day to keep their employees in a good mental state.”

Next, the AMA students visited the American Whistle Corporation, a whistle manufacturer, which is the exclusive supplier for Walmart. On the company tour, the director of sales and the director of marketing accompanied the students, who all received complimentary whistles.

Before leaving the factory, Cox and the AMA president spoke with the American Whistle Corporation director of sales about the sexual assault epidemic at OHIO. He expressed interest in helping students feel safer on campus.

“He wanted to have some connections at OHIO to send free whistles for the incoming freshman class,” Cox said. “We’re in the process of getting him in contact with OHIO administrators. If the OHIO chapter of AMA can bring something like this to campus, it’d be pretty cool.”

The last company that the AMA students visited was Rev1 Ventures, a venture capital funding and startup studio, where smaller companies have access to a collaborative workspace that allows them to develop their business ideas. Cox said he was most impressed by Rev1 Ventures because of its unique business model that’s set up to help other operation in such a meaningful way.

Before the AMA students left Columbus, they stopped by High Banks Distillery to network with students from the Columbus chapter of AMA, discussing the marketing industry as well as the job hunt.

These agency crawls are definitely a highlight for the AMA students because it gives them a taste of real company operations and even a bit of networking.

“By joining an organization such as American Marketing Association and going on these trips, you’re showing that you’re committed to yourself and your education,” Cox said. “You’re trying to set yourself apart.”