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Business Bobcat Q&A: Amanda Browning

Friday, February 19 2016 12:00am

Graduating senior Amanda Browning shares her wisdom from four years in Athens. Find out how to get the most out of your time in Athens!

Name: Amanda Browning

Major(s): Accounting and Business Pre-LawCah Picture

Class year: 2016

Why did you choose Ohio University? :

I chose Ohio University for a couple reasons. First, the campus is pretty awesome. Everything is close and it’s beautiful in every season. I also really liked the fact that the faculty seemed to care so much about the students. They were really easy to get along with when I first got here.

How did you choose your majors? :  

I took Accounting 1010 and really enjoyed it. I liked the structure of the class and how everything felt like solving a puzzle. I took more accounting classes, loved every one of them, and now it’s my major.

How has your involvement in student organizations/select programs added to your education? :

I am in Select Leaders Development Program and am also a SOX 404 Fellow. Select Leaders has helped me have a better understanding of myself, how I think, and how I interact with others. SOX has been a great fit for me because I’m getting experience auditing the Ohio University Foundation, which is what I’m going into after graduation.

What is your favorite class in the College of Business? :

There are so many to choose from, but I will go with Accounting 3040 with Dr. Christine Yost. It was a really tough class but once I got through it I knew that accounting was a good fit for me.

Which College of Business mentor/faculty/staff member has had a positive influence on your education? :

I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of great staff members in the College of Business, but Professor Tammy Reynolds has had the biggest impact. I work with her a lot through Select Leaders and she’s been really crucial in helping me get the most out of the program. If I have a question about an opportunity, I feel comfortable going to her for advice and feedback.

How has your College of Business experience shaped you as a student? :

It’s forced me to be more self-sufficient. The faculty are very supportive, but they’re also very good at ensuring students learn on their own.

Do you feel prepared to enter the workforce?

Yes! I’m working in Ernst & Young’s Columbus, OH office after graduation. I’ve been given a lot of opportunities in the College of Business that has prepared me for my next step.

What are your career goals?

I know I want to first work in public accounting to gain a solid understanding of the technical skills. After that I’ll decide whether I want to continue in the same sort of environment or if I want to go back to school for an MBA, or potentially a PhD to become a professor. I have always been interested in becoming a teacher and working with students.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus/in Athens? :

I love Brenen’s.

What do you and your friends do for fun on campus?

We watch a lot of Netflix. But we also enjoy exploring different areas of campus and Athens. There are a lot of neat areas close by.

What is your favorite thing to eat on campus/in Athens?

I’m a big Kaiser’s fan, although it just closed the Court Street location.

What do you like best about living in Athens?

I like how everything is within walking distance but you don’t feel suppressed. There are still plenty of places to explore.

Why should a prospective student consider Ohio University’s College of Business?

Because there are so many hands-on opportunities available to students. Technical organizations like Student Equity Management and SOX Fellows provide you with important skills, but there are also opportunities for self-discovery and self-growth through organizations like Select Leaders.