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Bobcats doing business with Bobcats

Thursday, February 15 2018 12:00am

4FRONT, formerly known as PCG SportsDesk, is giving back to OHIO's sports administration programs through Bobcats Doing Business with Bobcats initiative

4Front Primary Logo 1Analytics, digital, innovation, and partnership sales are four of 4FRONT's core areas of expertise that have been the driving force of their success. While the PCG SportsDesk brand has evolved over the decade and is now known as 4FRONT, their core purpose remains the same: to solve challenges and drive revenue for global sports and entertainment partners.

As a partner of Ohio University’s sports administration programs and employer to seven #OHIOFamily members, 4FRONT has started an initiative that will benefit the first Doc Higgins Scholarship, established by Ephesus Lighting, by offering an opportunity for organizations with at least one graduate from OHIO's sports administration programs to give back. For every new partner* signed between Feb 15 and May 31, 4FRONT will donate $1,000 towards the scholarship under the partner’s name. 

"We are excited to see the continued growth of 4FRONT and truly appreciate their willingness to make a contribution to the recently established Doc Higgins Scholarship with their 'Bobcats Doing Business with Bobcats' initiative," said Jim Kahler, executive director of OHIO's AECOM Center for Sports Administration. "As we move forward, endowed scholarships are becoming a higher priority and will be used to recruit the brightest and best students looking for a post graduate degree in sports administration. We were humbled when Dan and Brian reached out to us with this idea." 

*Partner is defined as billing at minimum of $50,000

Meet the #OHIOFamily members at 4FRONT
The #OHIOFamily has a strong presence at 4FRONT with five graduates from the Master of Sports Administration program, one from the Professional MSA program, and one with a bachelor's degree from OHIO's Sports Management program and is currently enrolled in the PMSA program. 

Dan Migala
 (MSA '07)
Partner & Co-Founder

“When Bobcats do business with Bobcats, it is an obvious expectation for world-class talent, experience, and expertise. Our team has also realized a deeper personal accountability to each other to achieve remarkable results that are rooted in the shared DNA of the OHIO Family.”

Brian Gainor
 (MSA '07)
Vice President of Innovation

“The Ohio University sports administration program has played an instrumental role in the growth of our company over the past decade. [...] Thank you to all the OHIO sports administration alumni we’ve had an opportunity to work with over the years, including Pat O’Conner (MSA ’81), Brent Schoeb (MSA ’06), Mark Soder (MSA ’06), Mike Waddell (MSA ’07), Greg Prymicz (MSA ’07), Wade Martin (MSA ’07), Casey Romany (MSA ’08), Jamie Acks (MSA ’11), Brooks Neal (MSA ’11), Sean Othen (MSA ’11), Jason Bitsoff (MSA ’12) Jarrod Krisiloff (MSA ’14), John Nowicki (MSA ’15), Dan Butterly (MSA '13), Adam Schemm (MSA ‘14), and many more.”

Ken Troupe
(PMSA '14)
Senior Director of Business Development

“When you work for a company like 4FRONT, where we touch such a vast array of the sports and entertainment business, the OHIO Network really comes in handy. I am blown away each and every day how immense and welcoming the Ohio U Network is. It’s great to know that I can pick up the alumni directory at any point and reach out to a fellow Bobcat.” 

Becca Hemby
(MSA '16)
Manager of Innovation

“I love working for and with Bobcats because no matter what you’re working on that day, everything is built on and always goes back to that idea of family. It permeates the entire organization and everything we do.” 

Katie Foglia
(MSA '17)
Manager of Innovation

“I feel so lucky to be a part of both the 4FRONT and OHIO Family. I love that I get to wake up every day and go to a job that doesn’t feel like work. Dan and Brian have created a collaborative, open-minded environment that has contributed to both my personal and professional development.”

Justin Baldwin
(PMSA '19)
Partnerships Success Coordinator

“I’m blessed to be able to work with some of the greatest minds to come through the Ohio University sports administration program. The endless amount of support they give me as I go through the PMSA program is only one of the many reasons why I’m so thankful for OHIO Sports Ad and the 4FRONT family.”

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