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Business Bobcat Q&A: Cat Stolar

Wednesday, August 24 2016 12:00am

Name: Cat Stolar

Major(s): Marketing and International Business

Class year: 2018

Why did you choose Ohio University? : I chose Ohio University because of the way other Bobcats made me feel the moment I stepped on campus. At the other schools I visited, I didn’t feel as welcome; it felt like I would be just a number. The people I met at OHIO made me feel like I mattered as a person, student, and young professional. Here, the faculty, staff, and other students genuinely care about each other and are willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. 

How did you choose your major(s)? : In high school, I had no clue what I wanted to do. The only thing I knew I absolutely loved was traveling because I had gone on an international trip with my French class. Senior year I decided to a take a marketing class, and loved it. Double majoring in marketing and international business was the perfect way to combine my passion for travel with my creativity.

How has your involvement in student organizations/select programs added to your education? : While the learning that takes place inside the classroom is incredibly important, I have learned more outside the classroom during my time in the College of Business. On campus, I am involved in the College of Business Honors Program, where I will be a mentor to a freshman student and serve on our Public Relations Committee. I am also a member of a professional business fraternity called Delta Sigma Pi, where I learned about networking, professionalism, interview skills, and serving the community. Finally, I am a member of The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre where I have gained a foundation of sales skills, how to interact with corporations and recruiters, and how to sell myself. Additionally, I have participated in a number of opportunities to further my education such as the Global Consulting Program in Xi’an, China, a semester study abroad in Hungary, and The Values and Ventures Business Plan Competition at Texas Christian University. Through these experiences I gained incredible knowledge about working with others, a greater global perspective, and most importantly, about myself.

If you studied abroad, where did you go and what did you learn from that opportunity? : The summer after my freshman year, I participated in the Global Consulting Program in China. We flew into Beijing where we stayed and toured the city for a few days before taking a train to Xi’an, where we stayed for two weeks and worked on our project. I was the only American student in my group and I worked with four other Chinese students to help a local Chinese health clinic determine the optimal number of customers to serve in each of their departments per day. We also conducted extensive research about mHealth and the feasibility of implementing some forms of mHealth in that particular business. Our findings genuinely helped the business; they implemented a few of our recommendations. Overall, it was an amazing and challenging opportunity. I learned so much about how to work with people of different cultures, unique working styles, and backgrounds. 

What is your favorite class in the College of Business and why? : The Integrated Business Cluster. Although it was one of the toughest academic challenges I have ever faced, I learned so much. I enjoyed our second Cluster project because we were able to express our creativity by devising our own business from the ground up. Not only did I cultivate close relationships with my classmates and teammates, I truly got to know my professors on a personal level. 

What are your career goals, and how did you figure out what you wanted to do? : I plan to work internationally for a marketing brand management team.  Long term, after I get my MBA, I see myself in an upper-management level position where I do a great deal of traveling and interacting with businesses around the world.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus? : My favorite place on campus is Emeriti Park. Sometimes I sit on a bench and do my homework there. It’s one of my favorite places because I always feel relaxed and calm when I am there.

Why should a prospective student consider Ohio University’s College of Business? : While our rankings and renowned reputation look great on paper, the College of Business is run by faculty that really care about their students. I have personal relationships with many of my professors and I can grab coffee with them or ask them for advice at any time. One of the things I always say to prospective students is that the College of Business at OHIO has all of the advantages of going to a big school—a strong alumni base, a large number of resources, a wide variety of majors and certificates, and recruitment from large corporations. But it also has advantages of a small school—faculty will get to know you on a personal basis, students that will become your best friends, and organizations that make a difference on campus. 

What was your favorite career management-related experience at the College? : The Office of Career Management does a great job of connecting great companies with our students. The companies that hire Bobcats are the real deal, and it’s incredible to see our students interacting with many of these reputable corporations. Whenever I have questions about career management related things, I know I have many resources available to me, including professors, mentors, and the Office of Career Management.