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Business Bobcat Q&A: Kegan Wise

Friday, August 12 2016 12:00am

Kegan loves South Green, Athens, and traveling.

Name: Kegan Wise

Major(s): Finance

Class year: 2017

Why did you choose Ohio University? : I visited a friend who went to OHIO for undergrad and grad school. He was able to give me a behind the scenes look at OHIO that was more personal than my experiences at other schools. The way he spoke about Ohio University really demonstrated his passion and love for the school. I especially remember how beautiful the campus was and how nice all the students were as we walked around. 

How did you choose your major(s)? : I had taken a personal finance class in high school and knew that I wanted to go into business. Finance seemed like the most flexible major and after my first finance class, I knew that I had made the right decision. I think the fact that I loved my first professor really helped solidify my decision.  

How has your involvement in student organizations/select programs added to your education? : Select Leaders, Delta Sigma Pi, and Club Golf have given me a professional network, mentors that have guided me through my education, a support system that helps me make tough decisions, and a group of friends that I now live with. I accredit almost all of my success to my involvement with these organizations. 

If you studied abroad, where did you go and what did you learn from that opportunity? : I traveled to Thessaloniki, Greece as part of the Global Consulting Program.  My team worked with Kri-Kri, the largest producer of authentic Greek dairy products in all of Europe. I became very close with my group and our instructor. I found a love of traveling and am already planning a trip back to Europe. I loved the experience and really miss all of the friends that I made overseas.

What is your favorite class in the College of Business and why? : Definitely Sinan Gokkaya's financial statement analysis class. Although it wasn't a very difficult course, Sinan made sure that all of the students understood the material because it’s the foundation for many other classes.

What are your career goals, and how did you figure out what you wanted to do? : I am still trying to decide what area of finance I want to go into. I do know though, that I want to work in a big city with an established Bobcat alumni base in corporate finance, consulting, or financial planning.  

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus? : South Green. Freshman year I lived in Brown on South Green and I loved being outside with everyone else. My friends and I will still go there to play catch or sand volleyball.  

What do you like best about living in Athens? : The relaxed atmosphere and sense of security. I am always comfortable no matter where I am in Athens. It's like we’re in our own bubble. 

Why should a prospective student consider Ohio University’s College of Business? : Because the opportunities are endless, the support systems in place are so good that it makes it hard for you to fail, and it's small enough that you can drive change. If you work hard enough you can make a real impact on the College and on the campus.  

What was your favorite career management-related experience at the College? : I really enjoyed meeting with my faculty adviser. He gave it to me straight and to the point. He was very honest about what to consider when deciding on my career. Sometimes such a realistic view is necessary when you are faced with tough decision.