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Business Bobcat Q&A: Natalie Clark

Tuesday, October 10 2017 12:00am

Learn more about senior Natalie Clark and why a finance major could be right for you.

Tags: Finance

Name: Natalie Clark

NatalieCMajor: Finance

Class Year: 2018

Why did you choose finance as your major?

I choose finance because I like the dynamic learning environment that it provides. It’s kind of like math, but the application of it. The field always changes, there’s always something new in the markets, and it’s very exciting. I feel like I’m always learning.

There are three different tracks you can specialize in through the Finance program. What are those tracks and what types of jobs does each prepare you for?

Well there’s financial planning, which prepares students to assist clients on long-term financial decisions. The financial planning track brings in quality guest speakers, and helps students learn investing. It also prepares students to be able to work with clients. Financial planners are experts in investments, taxation, and estate planning issues. Then, there is the investments track, which is tied to the stock market. It’s fast paced, with lots of analysis and math, but it also takes a lot of critical thinking. This track prepares you for jobs in investment banking, market analysis, bank management, and much more. The last track is corporate finance, which leans more on the math side and less on the markets. Corporate finance students can work on the auditing side, the treasury side, or investor relations, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The corporate track will provide you with the tools to make informed financial decisions for your business.

What finance track did you choose and how did you decide?

I'm specializing in investments. I choose it because I wanted something fast paced, kept my attention all the time, and I knew it would help me better understand everything going on in the world.

What types of student organizations does the Department of Finance offer? 

There is the Fixed Income Management Group, Student Equity Management Group, and the Derivative Management Group. Students in the Fixed Income Management Group learn research and investment methodologies to manage fixed-income portfolios. The Student Equity Management Group selects investments for over $4 million of Ohio University’s Foundation funds. The Derivative Management Group invests in short-term strategies. The groups offers student led education, opportunities to interact with alumni, and real-world experience. Being a finance major is rewarding, but being involved in student organizations is the best way to supplement your education. The college offers plenty resources that help ensure that students are ready for work post-graduation.

What has been your favorite course so far? 

My favorite course so far has been Finance 3200 (Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Modeling). It gives you good exposure to all of the career paths you can go into. It’s math heavy, with a good combination of how to do future planning.

What advice would you give to prospective and current finance students?

For prospective students, finance is a lot of getting out what you put in. It’s worth it, and finance knowledge is very transferable. For current students, I’d say to use all the college resources to your advantage. Things like the Bloomberg Terminals are very dynamic and help you analyze market data in real-time.