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Business Bobcat Q&A: Nathan Perry

Thursday, April 23 2015 12:00am

One major just wasn't enough for this ambitious Business Bobcat. Meet MIS, Entrepreneurship, and Management & Strategic Leadership sophomore Nathan Perry.

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Name: Nathan Perry

Major(s): Management Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Management & Strategic Leadership

Class year: 2017

Why did you choose Ohio University? : I chose Ohio University because I wanted to have close relationships with my professors and a unique experience. I couldn’t get that experience without the resources of a larger school but also without the personal attention of great professors (which is hard to find in other large schools).

How did you choose your major(s)? : I came into Ohio University with Entrepreneurship already declared but I soon added Management and MIS. I added Management because it complemented Entrepreneurship well and it is important to know further down my career. I added MIS because I wanted to add a major that was more based in hard skills—rather than the soft skills of Management and Entrepreneurship—and I was interested in consulting which is a large part of the MIS field.

How has your involvement in student organizations/select programs (OUSEMG, Select Leaders, etc.) added to your education? : I am in an organization called Consulting Fellows, which has been integral to my growth as a business student. This organization consults for clients that come to us for help solving a variety of different business problems. What has been so important about this organization is that it not only taught me how to do some of the reports I would be doing after graduation but it also taught me soft skills that are essential to have when working with a client.

What experiences have you had with the College of Business Centers of Excellence? : I have had a close relationship with the Center for Entrepreneurship as I came in as a freshman with Entrepreneurship as a declared major. Currently, I am a student ambassador for the Center for Entrepreneurship and work to gain students’ interest in the major and certificate that the center offers. This center has been really beneficial to me as a student and person because it allows me to network with students outside of the College of Business while being exposed to entrepreneurship in the real world through the many events that the center puts on.

If you studied abroad, where did you go and what did you learn from that opportunity? : I plan to study abroad second semester of my junior year in Swansea, Wales.

What is your favorite class in the College of Business and why? : My favorite class in the College of Business was Ideation and Business models. I took this class the second semester of my second year and I enjoyed it because it didn’t have the same structure as the rest of my classes. I had no tests and written midterms and finals. The premise of the class was to learn how to going through the ideation process and due to this, it was very unstructured and based on individual needs. The bulk of the class was centered around coming up with six different business models. This was interesting to me because it allowed me to be creative while still applying core business skills and knowledge.

Which College of Business mentor/faculty/staff member has had a positive influence on your education? How so? : Dr. Annabi has been instrumental in my experience at Ohio University. She is the director of my honors program and she has not only helped me find internships through connecting me with her network but she has also been recommendations for jobs inside and outside of the college. Dr. Annabi has connected me with prospective students and others on campus to talk about my experience and help others in the process that I went through. This is so rewarding because she has not only enhanced my experience at Ohio University but she has also helped me enhance the experience for others.

How has your College of Business experience shaped you as a student? : The College of Business has taught me how to not only be a student but also how to apply what I learn to real-world scenarios. Our teachers have a nice balance of theoretical knowledge as well as applied knowledge of industry which helps create balance. Also, my experience in the Honors Program and Consulting Fellows have served as outlets to apply what I learn in class to business problems and develop my leadership skills.

Do you feel prepared to enter the workforce? How so? : I feel very comfortable about going into the workforce. Not only has Ohio University taught me hard skills in business but it has also taught me many of the necessary soft skills. Through my classes, I have gained confidence in my critical thinking ability and I’ve been given experience on how that can be applied in a business situation. Due to this, I am confident about both getting a good job out of college and excelling in it.

What are your career goals? : I have many career goals after college and I have many different potential paths. I first plan on going to a top-tier IT or management consulting firm or I will apply to a top-flight master’s program. Depending on where I get offers, I will decide from there. If I did consulting, I plan on doing that for several years to gain experience in multiple different industries. From there, I’d like to either work within an industry I’m interested in or utilize some of my entrepreneurial skills and open my own business. As I am interested in social entrepreneurship, this business would likely be a business that is designed to solve a social problem through business or at least have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. If I went to a master’s program, I’d likely go straight into an industry that I’m interested in and progress from there.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus/in Athens? : One of my favorite places to hang out with friends on campus is the volleyball courts in front of Nelson. When the weather is nice there are a lot of students that are playing Frisbee, football, and volleyball in that area and it is a fun atmosphere. If the weather is bad, I enjoy hanging out in my friends in their dorm rooms.

What do you and your friends do for fun on campus? : My friends and I are very active people. We enjoy going on hikes in the area—Hocking Hills is a great place to go—play sports like racquetball or tennis at Ping, and take exercise classes.

What is your favorite thing to eat on campus/in Athens? : My favorite place to eat is definitely Bagel Street. Bagel Street is a little store on Court Street that makes the best bagel sandwiches and it is a warm and inviting atmosphere.

What do you like best about living in Athens? : The best part about Athens is undoubtedly the people. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help out a fellow Bobcat. Every person on campus will hold a door for you. While this may be a small thing, I think it exemplifies how nice our campus is and it starts with even the smallest actions.

Why should a prospective student consider Ohio University’s College of Business? : A prospective student should consider the College of Business at Ohio University because it has the resources of a large school but the accessibility of a small school. All of the faculty are approachable and genuinely care about the success of each student. Also, there is a nice emphasis on not just memorizing material but applying it which prepares us for jobs that we will be taking after graduation. The student organizations and classes as a whole have developed me not only as a student but also professionally. This combination of soft and hard skills has allowed our graduates to compete with the best business schools around the country for great jobs. I can’t speak highly enough about how great our faculty and school is about creating a great experience for all of the students.