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Business Bobcat Q&A: Sheri Sheffel

Thursday, September 15 2016 12:00am

How can you balance student organizations as a full-time student? Why do Business Bobcats love the College of Business? Just ask Sheri Sheffel!

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By Marshall Payne

Name: Sheri Sheffel

Major(s): Marketing & Management, and Strategic Leadership

Class year: 2017

Why did you choose Ohio University?

Initially, I thought I wanted to go to Ohio State, but then I visited Ohio University and fell in love with the Athens Campus. The small-town feel and the close-knit community really appealed to me. My cousin, who graduated last year, also went here and had a great experience; that was another factor in my decision.

How did you choose your major(s)?

I always knew I wanted to study business, but I wasn't exactly sure which career path I wanted to pursue. I took Internal Business with Tim Reynolds my freshman year and heard about his experience in Human Resources, which really interested me. I have been able to follow that up with two amazing internship experiences with Palmer-Donavin and Owens Corning. My internships helped me realize that HR was the perfect career path for me.

How has your involvement in student organizations/select programs added to your education?

One of the very first things I did on campus was rush for Alpha Kappa Psi. My involvement with AK Psi has given me a leg up in classes and helped me network with other students on campus who are interested in business. I also was encouraged to get involved in other activities that matched my interests, including Select Leaders, where I have gained valuable experience through self-reflections, executive engagements, and networking trips. 

If you studied abroad, where did you go and what did you learn from that opportunity?

I didn't have a traditional study abroad experience, but I traveled with the Global Consulting Program to Brataslava, Slovakia for two and a half weeks. While in Brataslava, I worked for a financial firm called CSOB. We had the opportunity to work with students from Brataslava, which was a great cross-cultural learning experience. Being able to apply the knowledge I learned in the classroom to a real-world business situation was incredibly rewarding.

What is your favorite class in the College of Business and why?

My favorite class so far has been Intro to Human Resources with Tammy Reynolds. I took this class right before my HR internship, so it prepared me well. Tammy has been one of my most valued mentors here, and this class was the start of a great relationship.

What are your career goals, and how did you figure out what you wanted to do?

I'm currently applying for jobs in HR and would ideally like to work in either the Pittsburgh, PA or Charlotte, NC areas. I'm interested in HR development opportunities, but could also see a future working with banks, sports organizations, or manufacturing companies.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus?

You can usually find me in Brennan's. It's a great place to grab a sandwich and crank out some homework. I often run into a few professors there, too!

What do you like best about living in Athens?

The community vibe and homey feel. I can walk across campus and always see someone I know, and there are so many fun activities to do on campus. I think the surrounding area is awesome, as well. 

Why should a prospective student consider Ohio University’s College of Business?

Bobcats are seen as the underdogs, but in reality there are so many great opportunities here. Professors and other students truly go the extra mile to create a great educational experience, and the people in Athens are here because they genuinely want to be, which leads to a great sense of school and community pride.

What was your favorite career management-related experience at the College?

I work closely with Jen Murphy, the assistant dean of Career Management and Student Services, and getting to know her has been great. She does everything she can to prepare students for success. The fact that people like her, who are so busy, still make time to put a sincere effort into students' futures is deeply appreciated.